Annual Report

The past year has been truly remarkable! Our community has once again flourished, accomplished, and expanded. Our students have reached significant milestones, achieved personal bests, received accolades, and, most importantly, created lasting memories. Our school holds a unique place in our hearts, and we are profoundly grateful to our community for their unwavering commitment, celebrations, and ongoing support.

In a significant triumph, the Annual Fund reached an extraordinary milestone, raising over $1,400,000, the largest amount in its history! This remarkable achievement was made possible by the financial backing we received throughout the year. The incredible generosity of our alumni, families, students, faculty, and staff underscores the significance of our mission and our identity.

At the heart of our endeavors are our students, driving our daily commitment to what we do and why we do it. Behind this core lies a vast network of families, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who tirelessly support every facet of our mission. Together, we create a well-rounded, diverse, and secure community that equips our students academically, socially, and ethically for college and a fulfilling life beyond.

Gill St. Bernard's extends its heartfelt gratitude to you for your generous, thoughtful, and compassionate support. We eagerly anticipate another year filled with triumphs, challenges, milestones, accomplishments, and cherished memories.

Annual Report 2022-23