Stephanie Amoroso ’11 - A Life in Musical Performance

Stephanie Amoroso ’11 - A Life in Musical Performance

As part of our Alumni Spotlight Series, Gill St. Bernard's recently sat down with Stephanie Amoroso, a GSB Class of 2011 alum, whose professional path has taken her from the amateur spotlights in GSB’s Mortimer Black Box Theater to the professional marquee of the Off-Broadway show Sleep No More  

How did you land at GSB? When did you start? 

I came to GSB freshman year primarily because of the reputation of its wonderful theater program. I knew I wanted to go to college for performing arts, and after my parents and I had done research on schools around the area, we found that GSB would be the best fit for me and what I was working toward. 

Do you have a favorite GSB memory you’d like to share?   

Each minute that I spent in the Mortimer Black Box Theater (rest in peace!) holds some of my most cherished memories. Learning from and being guided by Paul Canada, David Southerland, and Amy Southerland during each show that we did was invaluable to me. I was also lucky enough to meet lifelong friends during my time in the theater that have become like family to me today. 

What was your favorite class? 

I had some of the best times during our choir classes in the chapel. I also really enjoyed all the English classes I took throughout my time. 

How did GSB prepare you for college and the working world? 

Looking back, I think something that really stands out to me is how independent we were allowed to be, and that is something that certainly prepared me for college and beyond. That sense of independence included both the freedom of being on campus throughout the day, and the freedom to develop my own opinions and ideas in the classroom. I never felt like I was being treated as a child, but rather, I was respected and treated as an adult who was being prepared to gain more responsibility once I left the beautiful cocoon that is our campus.  

Tell us a little about what you do now for work. 

I am now a professional singer, songwriter, musician, and actor based in New York City. After I graduated from NYU Tisch, I joined the cast of the Off-Broadway show Sleep No More, where I stayed for three years before I left to focus on my own music career. I’m lucky enough to absolutely love what I do, and though it’s hard a lot of the time, it’s the most rewarding thing I could ever do.  

What are some hobbies you enjoy when not working? 

I’m a big fan of puzzles (especially 1,000-piece ones–I like a challenge!), dinners with family and friends, and playing guitar with my dad. 

What would be your advice to current GSB students?   

The advice I always like to give to younger people is simple: do not rush your life. I remember being in their shoes and wanting so badly to be in college and living on my own, but trust me when I say, you can never get these years back so stay as present as you can while they’re happening. Go to prom, take lots of photos with friends, listen with an open mind and an open heart to teachers and parents, and just enjoy the ride! 

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