Senior Spotlight: Girls’ Lacrosse
In recognition of our incredible spring senior athletes, GSB will be providing spotlights on the members of the Class of 2020. Our next edition focuses on the girls’ lacrosse program, which features Izzy Deo ’20, Lauren Garcia ’20, Emily Raia ’20, and Lexi Yates ’20 with comments from Head Coach Denise Wilson. Thank you, Knights, for all you did for Gill during your time here!Coach Wilson: “Izzy Deo is a strong defender and competitor. She is very coachable and a good lacrosse player. She works well with her teammates and will be the first to step up to help a teammate, both on and off the field. She has been the anchor of our “Brick Wall Defense” and will do what it takes to hold down incoming offenders. Her double teams have been a crucial part of our defense, and she will stay on point until she gets that well deserved turnover.” “Lauren Garcia is a great team Leader. She leads by example, working hard and playing hard both on and off the field. She is supportive and encouraging of her teammates and is very coachable. She is strong and determined and is a fierce competitor. She is respected not only by her teammates but also by the teams she plays against as well. She will hustle to the ball, is the leading scorer on our team and has a quick feeding pass to her other scoring teammates. She will be an asset to her lacrosse team in college; they are lucky to have her.” “Emily Raia’s speed is without a doubt her biggest asset. She has been the fastest laxer not only on our team, but of her competing teams as well. She played defense in the past and last year switched to attack. Her ability to react quickly helped her not only to grab many ground balls, but also to sneak into the critical scoring area and get those low shots into the net. Her endless energy, positive attitude, and smile were at every practice and game, and everywhere in between.” “Lexi Yates is a strong and determined competitor. She always has her eyes on the goal and will work hard to get to the net, thus making her a leading scorer on the team. She has a strong foundation of skills and understands and sees the game well. Her ability to think quickly on her feet has helped her to work with her teammates in setting up scoring plays. Her ability to focus on every play, gives her that no-quit attitude until the final whistle is heard.” NameIzzy Deo PositionDefense Why Do You Love Playing Lacrosse?I love playing lacrosse because I love being a part of a team and it is a great outlet to let go of my stress. What Was the Greatest Lesson You Learned During Your Time Competing for GSB Athletics?It is not about how many games you win, how many interceptions you have, or how many goals you scored, it is about having fun and working together as a team. Favorite Memory of Competing as a Knight?When we dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day and had a themed practice in Florida. NameLauren Garcia PositionMidfielder Why Do You Love Playing Lacrosse?I love playing lacrosse because I get to build connections with people on the field that are unmatched. I have been playing this sport since I was eight, and I love the competition and how fun it is to be on the field. What Was the Greatest Lesson You Learned During Your Time Competing for GSB Athletics?I have been on a club team for years, and it was so nice to finally play on a team where I go to school with the girls. Favorite Memory of Competing as a Knight?My favorite memory was when I scored my 100th goal. It felt awesome to achieve that milestone. NameEmily Raia PositionOffense Why Do You Love Playing Lacrosse?I love the sport since I love the exercise and excitement of the game. I also love being around my team having fun in practice. What Was the Greatest Lesson You Learned During Your Time Competing for GSB Athletics?The greatest lesson I learned is how working your hardest can get you far in your sport. If you put 100% effort each day, you will see improvements in your skills and be able to accomplish a lot in each game you play. Favorite Memory of Competing as a Knight?My favorite memory is when we went on the Florida trip. As a team, we did fun team-bonding activities along with lacrosse. I enjoyed going on the Universal City Walk and trying all the different foods they had to offer. Overall, the trip was an amazing experience full of fun memories and moments. NameLexi Yates PositionMidfield Why Do You Love Playing Lacrosse?I love playing lacrosse, because it has taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible. It has taught me how to lead, how to succeed, and how to fail. Lacrosse has taught me the value of dedication because lacrosse did not simply teach me how to fail, but it taught me how to persevere, even in difficult times. What Was the Greatest Lesson You Learned During Your Time Competing for GSB Athletics?One of the lessons of have learned during my time competing as a Knight was the importance and sometimes the need for accountability. Having played two team sports for all four years of my high school career, I have come to learn that these sports are for exactly that: the team. We must hold ourselves accountable for our own and our team's success, which means working hard even when no one is looking. I have found these skills to be useful in school and in other extracurriculars, and I truly believe that accountability will be something that finds its way into every aspect of my life, now and in my future education and career. Favorite Memory of Competing as a Knight?My favorite memory competing on the lacrosse team was in my sophomore year when we faced off against Blair Academy. For starters, the weather conditions were miserable as it was cold and rainy. We played on the road with the stands filled with opposing fans. Simply put, it was not our most successful game, but what most stood out to me was the amount of heart and spirit our team played with. Even as we neared the end of the second half and were down by at least 10 goals, I never noticed a single person on our team give up or lose hope. In that moment, despite our inability to compete because we were an incredibly young team, it was inspiring to see the heart with which we played.
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