Senior Spotlight: Boys’ Lacrosse
In recognition of our incredible spring senior athletes, GSB will be providing spotlights on the members of the Class of 2020. Our next edition focuses on the boys’ lacrosse program, which features Charles Lewis ’20 and Trevor Migliaccio ’20, with comments from Head Coach Byron Collins. Thank you, Knights, for all you did during for Gill during your time here! Coach Collins: “It is very difficult to grasp the amount of frustration and emotions that the whole team has right now, especially the seniors, as they all worked very hard for this spring. This was their time to leave their mark in the program’s history, and my heart goes out to them. What they, the seniors, need to know is their legacy was cemented during the entire off-season and throughout their careers. I want to thank those seniors for welcoming me in with open arms three years ago. Trevor and Charlie bought in from day one, and that attitude and drive has carried the team, on and off the field, ultimately leading into them being selected as captains. It has truly been amazing watching them lead this program's transformation of going into one of the toughest conferences and counties in the state while making the state tournament the last two years. I will always remember that and cherish what they have done for the program.” NameCharles Lewis PositionMidfield Why Do You Love Playing Lacrosse?I love lacrosse because of the speed, physicality, and skill that it requires. What Was the Greatest Lesson You Learned During Your Time Competing for GSB Athletics?Something that lacrosse helped me learn was how to be a better leader, especially this year as a captain. Favorite Memory of Competing as a Knight?My favorite memory was my sophomore year when we won a game in overtime and then celebrated with the team on the field afterwards. NameTrevor Migliaccio PositionAttack Why Do You Love Playing Lacrosse?I love playing lacrosse because it is just a great way for me to release stress, and I am always having fun no matter what is going on whether it is a game or practice. What Was the Greatest Lesson You Learned During Your Time Competing for GSB Athletics?My favorite lesson that I have learned is that to be a good player you have to be coachable and you have to listen, and if you do not do that, then you cannot grow as a player and a person. Favorite Memory of Competing as a Knight?I am unable to really pick a specific moment, but some things that I have loved while competing for Gill have to be the energy in the locker room, watching Jake Panza ‘19 and Connor Albertson ‘22 play aggressively, Ellis Wilson ‘22 scoring a goal and, personally, all the goals I have been able to score. Additional Comment:I also wanted to thank Head Athletic Trainer Glen DePino for all his help through the years. Every year, I usually had a problem with my body; whether I got hit the wrong way or some other issue, and he made sure I got back as quickly as I possibly could. Being able to be around him these four years was one of the best aspects of being an athlete at GSB.
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