Science Comes to Life at Home Winds Farm

Last week, the Middle School's eighth grade students took advantage of a close walk to authentically experience their science class on Home Winds Farm. Our new GSB Farm Manager, Ned Lincoln, shared information about the reproduction in goats, sheep, chickens, and cows on the farm. Students also learned how the changing seasons directly impact reproduction cycles in nature while obtaining firsthand knowledge related to their science reproduction unit.

Several students had the unique opportunity to meet with a local veterinarian and GSB alumni and trustee, Dr. Andrea Freeman '95. Dr. Freeman brought a portable ultrasound machine giving students the rare opportunity to view the baby goats (kids) inside the mother's uterus. She explained how ultrasound technology works using soundwaves to capture images while pointing out beating hearts, forming spines, and multiple umbilical cords due to triplets.

Science teacher Jen Schuchman stated the students enjoy the lessons at the farm each year. She regularly invites individuals in the science field to speak and visit with the students because, "I really want them to understand how they can apply their science knowledge outside of the classroom and better understand how many diverse careers are available within the science realm." Afterwards, students typically have many more questions and demonstrate increased curiosity, which is always a plus in learning.