Lower School Students Unveil Their Interactive Biome Zoo

This spring, walking through our Lower School’s hallways is like trekking through a range of bountiful world biomes, filled with jumping dolphins, fish with glittery gills, hanging sloths, spotted giraffes, and swooping red-tailed hawks. Enjoy the fun facts displayed, such as octopus have eight tentacles and male hawksbill turtles never make it to land, but be sure to heed the warnings: Please don’t feed the animals!  

It’s all part of the living, breathing, and interactive Biome Zoo that our Preschool through fourth grade students worked together to create as part of GSB’s 7th annual Lower School Biome Project. Each grade level examined a unique environmental biome and designed individual exhibits to contribute to the zoo, using skills from their Science, Art, Spanish, Music, Library, PE, and other Related Arts Classes. 

Preschool and PreK classes learned about animals that GSB raises at Home Winds Farm to create a virtual farmyard with chickens, cows, and sheep. 

Kindergarteners explored the polar regions by conducting independent research in the library and many other wonderful activities in the classroom. 

First graders discovered the different layers of the rainforest to make life-sized mosaics of their research animals. 

Second graders dove deep into the ocean, discovering the important role that plankton plays to sustain the sea life of other animals. 

Third graders worked their way through the different grassland habitats, discovering that grasslands are too wet to be a desert, yet to dry to be a forest. 

Fourth graders studied the local habitat—New Jersey deciduous forests—while comparing the climates of different biomes using Earth Observatory Data. 

Each Lower School student also researched an animal from their biome, creating artistic representations and fact-filled projects to add to the Biome Zoo.  

In addition to transforming the hallways with their amazing work, students also designed a virtual museum to showcase their amazing work online. Be sure to check out the virtual Biome Zoo below to explore our students wonderful work!

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