Inspiring Second Graders

When Tsurugi Miyanishi '31 studied Abraham Lincoln for his second-grade biography project, the young scholar learned all about our sixteenth president and how to be a good leader and always do what's right. "We all must stand up for all the unfair things we see," said Tsurugi. "Any unfair situation gets worse if we keep quiet."

For the assignment, Second Grade Teacher Mary Tuohy asked her students to read a biography and present a project based on their findings to the class. "Our biography research project is a great way for second graders to explore the lives of inspiring people in a creative, personal, and meaningful way," said Ms. Tuohy. "These projects help students experience the stories of 14 remarkable people who were once very much like them. Hearing about what others have accomplished, despite their circumstances, encourages students to dream big and never give up."

To illustrate that a growth mindset can make anything possible, Ms. Tuohy talked with her class about stories of early struggles and later successes, such as Michael Jordan not making the high school basketball team and Albert Einstein failing math.

In addition to important lessons, biographies bring history to life. "They become a reader's tour guide to another time," said Ms. Tuohy. "They create empathy and understanding of others as students read about people who may have lived in a different era or have different background experiences."

Above all, GSB second graders learned to shoot for the stars!

Here is a round-up of their take-aways:

  • "Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending."
    Riley Nelson '31 – Jim Henson
  • "You don't need to talk firmly or angrily to change the world. You can change the world by speaking softly. Change what's wrong in the world. Do what is right! We have more work to do."
    Maria Malik '31 – Rosa Parks
  • "Be kind and care for animals. Protecting the environment can change the world."
    Natalie Simonelli '31 – Jane Goodall
  • "Don't let your disability limit you. Keep trying."
    Bella Menza '31 – Bella Thorne
  • "When you mess up, turn it into an opportunity and keep going with it."
    Orly Gerbeth '31 – Katy Perry
  • "Never give up. Have a growth mindset!"
    Marcus Gong '31 – Alexander Graham Bell
  • "It's never too early to start working on your dream."
    Clayton Otteau '31 – Kyle Busch
  • "Listen to music; it makes you joyful!"
    Judith Brooks ‘31 – Taylor Swift
  • "A book can take you places. Have fun adventures."
    Eli Noumi '31 – J.K. Rowling
  • "Never give up; have the courage to believe in yourself!"
    Henry Liu ‘31 – George Washington
  • "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination is not."
    Angelina Uvarova ‘31 – Albert Einstein
  • "Be kind. Don't let obstacles stop you."
    Sophia Welsch '31 – Princess Diana

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