GSB's New Website Receives Acclaim


For the 2020-21 school year, Gill St. Bernard's partnered with leading online technology developer Finalsite to bring a completely new website experience to the GSB community. The new website features an enhanced responsive design for mobile phones, reorganized pages and navigation for better discoverability, and faster access to all your favorite pages.

According to Head of School Sid Rowell, "Our migration to Finalsite for our website and digital communication needs is providing the services and tools for us to more effectively engage with our community. Finalsite is the industry leader in school website development and communications. The new design is all about helping current and new families learn that when you discover and explore GSB, you will discover yourself."

Finalsite recently shared a glowing spotlight on the new GSB website, noting the inviting feel and the school's true dedication to "balance":

It’s really worth hitting “refresh” on the new website for Gill St. Bernard’s, a private day school in suburban New Jersey, in part because the imprint of the school name works so well against the backgrounds that come up, as if they were already emblazoned on the sky when they were photographed. Athletes interlocking arms; a particularly interesting artistic shot of a girl behind a fence; two preschoolers with crayons; a scenic campus shot -- these semi-framed, semi-candid shots open vibrant windows into school life, a first impression that’s strong and natural. The “GSB Difference” panel brings it home, highlighting key differentiators and nudges to explore more, and since the school serves students ages three through grade 12, guided divisional entry points are readily available.

What’s next is unique, too: “Balance” the website claims, reaching into the minds of prospective parents who are worried about the complexities and pressures of growing up in this world, and the role that a school plays in sorting through it all. This beautiful design (which, by the way, has “The Farm” in their utility navigation, which you can’t help but click on) ends with a wide-angled campus shot behind buttons for next steps and a fully blue footer that is all GSB.

In another recent blog post, Finalsite also highlighted our new home page's footer area, noting the importance of providing different gateways for audience members in their own special, respective journeys to learn more about Gill.

Overwhelmingly, families and faculty alike are responding positively to the new website, noting the clear navigation, beautiful photos, and sense of community.

For new families looking to learn more about GSB, we encourage you to explore our Academics, Athletics, and Arts – testaments to our motto, "Balance Matters." For our current families, the revamped MyGSB section provides a wealth of quick-access links and information regarding current events, distance learning, and community news. Alumni, too, also always have a home at GSB, both on- and offline.

Discover GSB and our new website at