GSB’S Chief Financial Officer Presents at National Conference
Kelly A. Garnes, Gill St. Bernard’s School Chief Financial Officer, was selected to be a live speaker at the three-day CFO Live Conference this week. CFO Live brings together finance executives from the most successful and innovating corporations and organizations in the USA. The conference is covering a wide range of topics from recession, pandemic, unemployment, audits, risks, healthcare costs, and subscription finance.    Garnes’ presentation, “Pushing Finance into the Digital Era,' will be live Tuesday afternoon.  In her session description, she notes, “As COVID-19 takes the nation by storm, companies are forced to rely heavily on technology. Today, many companies are solving critical financial and strategic challenges through digital transformation. A key priority in a transformation is gaining the ability to analyze data to make smarter decisions, rather than the historical norm of basing them on gut instinct.  However, how does the CFO push the finance organization to reach these heights? And how can a CFO accelerate the finance team’s shift from performing low-value, manual work to providing analytics-rich internal financial advice enabled by cutting-edge automation?”  As an interactive presentation, participants will have the opportunity to engage with Garnes on related topics, including using RPA technologies and machine learning to make operations and processes more efficient, ensuring finance has the right technology and talent to support future needs, including work-from-home capabilities, and positioning finance organizationally to be a better business partner. 
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