GSB Upper School Academic Awards Presented
GSB is proud to announce this year’s freshman, sophmore, and junior 2019-2020 award and prize recipients on their outstanding achievements. In this era of virtual interactions, Upper School Division Director Dr. Joel Coleman traveled to each student’s home to personally deliver the awards and capture the moments in pictures. Congratulations to these distinguished students. FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE AWARDS THOMAS A. CONOVER CUP: Denver Anglin ’22Few men have done for any community what Thomas Conover did for the community of these Somerset Hills. As Rector of St. Bernard’s Episcopal Church, Bernardsville, he accepted responsibility on behalf of those who had called him to be their leader. Inspiring, coaxing, and cajoling, he marshalled means and substance to match his will and founded three additional churches, the Visiting Nurses Association, Family Counseling Service and, not least among them, St. Bernard’s School. To recognize those sure qualities of leadership and determination in activities of their school community, the freshmen and sophomores each year elect one boy from their group to receive the Conover Cup. MARGARET D. JEFFERSON CUP: Kayla Palaia ‘22Elizabeth Gill retired as Headmistress of The Gill School she founded and chose Margaret Jefferson as her successor, a young woman of strong will and determination, of fierce pride and sense of right, a leader who made great demands on herself, and for whom there was no greater joy than service to others. Several years ago, our school established an award to recognize like attitudes and spirit in a freshman or sophomore girl, named through open vote of the students of those two classes. JUNIOR AWARDS JOHN ATTHOWE MEMORIAL PRIZE: Allen La Tournous, Jr. ‘21This prize is presented to a junior boy who exemplifies the qualities of scholarship, team play, creativity, sensitivity, and caring embodied by John Atthowe. C. ELLIOT KNOKE PRIZE: Laura Howard ‘21A former headmaster of the school, C. Elliot Knoke is remembered for his hard work, sensitivity, and dedication. This award is given to a junior girl who demonstrates qualities of citizenship and scholarship. MARK MATHABANE HUMANITARIAN AWARD: Travian McNair ‘21- Inspired by the life and works of South African author/humanitarian Mark Mathabane, Help Oppressed People Everywhere (H.O.P.E.) was established at GSB in 1992 as a student organization. H.O.P.E. believes that through consensus and collective action the world is changed into a more just place. The Mark Mathabane Humanitarian Award is conferred on a student who most expresses in thought and action the founding principles of the organization. Motivation, compassion and leadership are three qualities that distinguish the recipient. BOOK AWARDSHARVARD BOOK PRIZE: Ava Escousse ‘21The Harvard Book Prize has been awarded annually in the leading secondary schools of the country for over half a century. It is awarded to the student in the junior class who, by virtue of character, scholastic excellence, and achievement outside the classroom, best exemplifies the traditional ideal of American citizenship. This award is sponsored by the Harvard Club of Boston and donated by Michael L. Murray in memory of Harold D. Nicholls, one-time Headmaster of St. Bernard’s School. PRINCETON BOOK AWARD: Sofia Laboy ‘21The Princeton Book Award is presented to a member of the junior class who has demonstrated a record of outstanding academic achievement and exemplary community service, and is among the very top of the class. WELLESLEY COLLEGE BOOK AWARD: Claire Brouillard ‘21The Wellesley Book Award honors young women who have been top scholars in high school, as well as talented performers in extracurricular areas. Young women are chosen for their intelligence, determination, motivation, and achievement. They are visible members of their schools and communities. Most importantly, however, they are the academic leaders in their secondary schools. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: Michael Isserow ‘21University of Chicago Book Award is awarded annually to a member of the junior class who demonstrates intellectual engagement in and out of the classroom, and is known for asking challenging questions and drawing connections across academic disciplines. This student is seen as being a “scholar” with a “lively mind” and is a visible member of the student body as a result of contributions and commitment to Gill St. Bernard’s or the greater community. This year’s recipient is: SMITH COLLEGE: Laura Howard ‘21The Smith College Book Award is designed to recognize the academic and extra-curricular achievements of an outstanding female student who serves as a strong role model for other students. DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS ENGLISH DEPARTMENT AWARDS HENSHAW AWARD: Claire Brouillard ‘21In memory of Mr. Henshaw, an English teacher at St. Bernard’s School in the 1930s and 1940s, this award is given to a member of the junior class for academic achievement in literature and writing. The American Studies Sophomore Research Paper Award: Lily Micera ’22 and Lindsey White ‘22Established in 2019, the American Studies Sophomore Research Paper Award is presented annually to the student or students who have written an exceptional research paper on some facet of American literature, art, culture, or history. An independent three-judge panel reviews and evaluates five nominees. The Edie Clark Prize for Creative Writing: Laura Howard ‘21This prize is awarded to a junior who has demonstrated excellence over the course of his/her years at GSB in one or all genres of creative writing. Established in 2019 by members of the Class of 1966, the prize honors the outstanding writing career of long-time Yankee Magazine editor and contributor Edie Clark. The recipient is chosen by the English Department Faculty. HISTORY DEPARTMENT AWARD University of Rochester Award/Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award (Humanities): Adam Berrocal ‘21This award is presented by the University of Rochester to a junior who achieved Distinction in the Humanities. The recipient of this award automatically becomes eligible for consideration of a partial four-year scholarship to the University of Rochester.
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