GSB Tennis Rallies in Pandemic

Even though the girls' tennis season was cut drastically short due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantines, Ray Knight, the new varsity coach, liked what he saw.

"I got the opportunity to work and practice with the team, and I was happy with their enthusiasm and efforts," he said. "We had a few practices and got shut down for two weeks. When we went back, we played eight matches but got eventually shut down again, which meant no playoffs for the team." Next fall, he looks forward to helping the players improve their tennis skills even more.

Last year, the boys' tennis season – Mr. Knight's coaching debut at GSB – also had its share of major disturbances due to the pandemic. "Just as I started in the spring with the boys' team, we got shut down," he said. "We were very limited with what we could do."

As Mr. Knight prepares for the start of spring sports, he is confident the boys' team will be strong. "There's a lot of potential and willingness in the players," he said. "I couldn't be any happier with what I saw in their abilities. My anticipation is high."

Born and raised in Bermuda, Mr. Knight played competitive soccer and cricket. For 10 years, he managed hotel tennis facilities on the island. After moving to the United States 22 years ago, he started Pro~Ray, a Plainfield-based tennis promotions company that provides lessons and coaching. A certified tennis pro, Mr. Knight coached at Immaculata High School before joining the Knights. He expressed his gratitude for Assistant Coach Chris Walsh and Junior Varsity Coach Diane Becker for showing him the racquets.

Welcome, Mr. Knight; we are happy to have a fellow "Knight" join the GSB family!