GSB Robotics Club Shares Their Passion with 8th Graders

Upper Schoolers from GSB Robotics Club, Team Chaos, set up an interactive demonstration with 8th grade students to give new and future club members an up-close look at how their robots kick it into gear.

Seniors Cat D’Arcangelis ’21and Dylan Towle ’21 took the opportunity to share details about what it’s like to be part of Team Chaos, the types of competitions they participate in, and even brought the robot that the team made last year. After their introduction, Dylan and Cat taught 8th graders how to operate the robot as their classmates attempted to catch foam balls that the robot was designed to shoot.

"I have really enjoyed being in robotics," commented Cat. "It has made me a more well-rounded person and allowed me to make friends right out of the gate as I entered high school. I'm glad to have known everyone I've met through this club."



Dylan, who will be attending Purdue University next fall to explore their Engineering Program, credits Team Chaos for providing him a chance to explore his interests and develop new skills.

“Our team has helped me develop both technical and social skills that I believe will launch me into college with a full toolbelt. Not only have I learned more about robotics, but I’ve also grown as a person thanks to the experiences robotics has given me.”

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Team Chaos has been meeting virtually and participating in design challenges and presentations for FIRST, an international robotics organization designed to help K-12 students build science, engineering, and technology skills through team-based competitions. In addition to physically designing, coding, and building robots for competition, Team Chaos provides students an opportunity to hone many other life skills such as teamwork, public speaking, business fundraising, and advocating for themselves.

"We had a fantastic group of 8th graders join Team Chaos this year and participate virtually, which was challenging for a primarily hands-on club,” commented Mrs. Johnson, Assistant Robotics Coach. “They contributed wonderful ideas and designs and presented to the FIRST organization for awards we submitted. I am looking forward to their continued participation next year, as well as a return to in-person meetings and live collaboration for all team members."

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