GSB Lower School Commemorates a 38-Year Tradition: Stone Soup Day!

Each October since 1982, Stone Soup Day introduces a new group of students to the magic of sharing. The folktale has many variations, all of which include a magic stone with the power to transform a pot of ordinary water into hearty soup. Although the stone may draw people together, perhaps because they are curious, it is each person's contribution that ultimately creates the soup.

Lower School Dean of Student Life Jill Fedon warmly welcomed classrooms, virtual learners, and families viewing through Zoom noting that, “It takes a community to feed a community.” She said, “This special day celebrates community sharing and kicks-off our service-learning program. This beloved tradition began 38 years ago from a kindergarten teacher sharing the story and, just like the story, it has grown and is now a beloved annual event for our Lower School and their Middle School friends. Last year, students cut and prepped food for soup. Although we can't prepare our soup in the traditional way, we can honor our tradition and keep the heart of Stone Soup Day alive by donating our food to the Chester/Mendham food pantries to create a feast for many to share.” She was also happy to announce that our food service provider, Chef Tom from Sage, had prepared a special soup for today's lunch.

Lower and Middle School Director Kyle Armstrong read out loud the book Stone Soup, and Lower and Middle School Academic Dean Zoe Tuohy introduced the eighth-grade Lifers (who have been at GSB since first grade or earlier). In the GSB tradition, the Lifers then passed the stone to the youngest student in the school. This year, preschooler Joseph “Fourth” Brooks '35 dropped the "magic" stone into the empty pot and, grade by grade, every Lower School student came outside and contributed their donations to create a wonderful bounty to share.

Stone Soup Day serves as a reminder that sharing with others is a longstanding and valued school tradition, and one that is literally “handed down” with each new academic year. On experiencing his 20th Stone Soup Day celebration this morning, Head of School Sid Rowell noted, “This time-honored tradition ushers in another season of giving and a clear sign of our commitment to service learning.”

A photo gallery from today's event is available on our Facebook page.

GSB Eighth-Grade Lifers:

  • Sofia Criscola '25
  • Lucy Halstead '25 
  • Catherine Lutz '25 
  • Campbell Macak '25 
  • Abigail Novinski '25
  • Ava Roslund '25
  • Eliana Roslund '25 
  • Nevan Sameth '25
  • Teagan Sameth '25
  • Elizabeth Scott '25
  • Mary Young '25