GSB Looks Forward to The Year Ahead

With much excitement, GSB welcomed students back to campus today. Even though the weather proved less-than-perfect, the rain and wind could not dampen our enthusiasm for a new academic season. Our campus grounds are in top form for our young arrivals, including freshly paved roadways and parking lots as well as a new track. Today at our three divisions’ virtual town meetings, teachers and administrators set the tone for a safe, healthy, and academically rewarding year ahead for students watching virtually from their classrooms.

At the Upper School, Director Joel Coleman answered a student’s question from the suggestion box: What is going to happen this year? While no one knows for sure what the upcoming year will bring, Dr. Coleman assured pupils that “this will be the year that sticks with you, and we’ll stick together through it all.” He encouraged students to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, to support friends while also taking care of themselves, and to thank anyone who teaches them something new. Above all, he reminded everyone that GSB is a close-knit community: “As soon as you get to Gill, we care for you as much as anyone else. It’s about love, the kind of connection we have. We’ll stick together thought it all. We’ll stick together because we’re here.”

Lower School students received a warm introduction from Director Kyle Armstrong, who introduced curiosity as one of this year’s themes and even wore a purple curiosity-themed shirt. “We are encouraging students to wonder, discover, and explore!” he said. After recognizing the fourth-grade class as leaders of the LS community, Mr. Armstrong asked each fourth grader to introduce themselves before the camera. In closing, LS Dean of Student Life Jill Fedon presented a photo collage of the amazing and colorful bulletin boards found around the Cox Building.

During the afternoon Middle School town meeting, Director Kyle Armstrong welcomed everyone, including new MS teachers, support staff, and the nearly 40 students new to the GSB community, some who joined as recently as the past few days. “You are all here to think, be a friend, be creative, and to dream,” he said. “We are excited to have you here for another school year and to begin a great year together.”

Wishing all of our Knights an awesome year ahead filled with friendship, learning, and good health. Let’s work together to keep everyone safe as we embark on another year of in-person instruction.

Go, Knights!

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