GSB Family Continues Finding Ways to Help Those in Need
It began in 2018, when the entire Getzoff family volunteered at the Newark YMCA for a holiday party. While having a wonderful time playing with the kids, they were saddened to learn that the children lived in a homeless shelter. Reaching out to see how they could help, they learned that many schools provide uniforms, but the children needed sneakers for gym class and to participate in school sports. This need resonated with the family, as the Getzoff children are all athletes. Within a few months, and with the help of their mother and aunt, Getz Movin was launched with a mission to “provide school-aged kids and teens in need with new sneakers that fit.” Now, with the pandemic, the Getzoff family foundation expanded its help to others by selling masks and donating 100% of the proceeds to a NJ homeless shelter and food pantry.  We salute the Getzoffs for their compassion and generosity!
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