GSB Celebrates The Class of 2026 at Middle School Closing Exercises

GSB Celebrates The Class of 2026 at Middle School Closing Exercises

On Tuesday, June 7, Lower and Middle School Director Kyle Armstrong welcomed 8th grade family and friends to Gill St. Bernard's Closing Exercises ceremony to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the Class of 2026.

"It's difficult to summarize nine-months of school in just a few moments, but it's been a terrific year." said Mr. Armstrong. "Many projects were completed, important conversations were had, shows were produced, art projects were created, and the faculty defeated the 8th graders by one run in our Faculty-Student softball game. More than these takeaways though, this year was filled with an appreciation for a normal schedule, full athletic season, and a school dance, just to name a few aspects of our program that were altered last year."

Mr. Armstrong took the opportunity to thank parents for supporting their children through the Middle School years and to congratulate families on reaching this milestone moment. Mr. Armstrong also thanked GSB's teachers for their work in producing a fantastic school year, with special recognition to Mr. Frank Corrado, who received this year's Teaching Chair of Excellence Award.

After the Middle School Choir sang a beautiful rendition of For Good, GSB faculty members presented this year's Middle School Awards and Prizes. Congratulations to all of our middle school graduates for their hard work and dedication as they continue their academic journey in upper school next year!

Middle School Honors and Prizes

BRETT MERSHON CITIZENSHIP AWARD: The most important prize that a Middle School student can obtain, the Brett Mershon citizenship award is presented annually to the student who best upholds the Gill School motto of faith, honor, and consideration.

Fifth Grade: Ishaan Kane

Sixth Grade: Ava Bell

Seventh Grade: Hope Wilson

Eighth Grade: Maurice Boyd Jr.

FRANK MAZZOCCHI AWARD: A silver bowl presented to the eighth-grade boy who best exemplifies a friendly manner, integrity, sincerity, loyalty and a willingness to help others, and a devotion to GSB.

Taahir Jones and Dorsett Mulcahy

MARTHA GRAY AWARD: Presented to an eighth-grade girl who has consistently demonstrated loyalty, integrity, and sincerity during her time in the Middle School.

Charli Auerbach

BOYS’ ATHLETIC AWARD: Awarded to the eighth-grade boy(s) who, in the opinion of his coaches, best represents the qualities of determination, leadership, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

Jude Waters

GIRLS’ ATHLETIC AWARD: Awarded to the eighth-grade girl(s) who, in the opinion of her coaches, best represents the qualities of determination, leadership, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

Ava Hearn and Mia Liberti

FRANCIS WINSTON AWARD: Presented to the eighth-grade student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has demonstrated the most significant personal growth.

Ciara DeCarlo

MARJORIE HIBBLER AWARD: Presented to the eighth-grade student who consistently demonstrates passion for and devotion to independent reading.

Stephanie Perez

CHARACTER CLUB AWARD: Presented to the eight-grade student who displays honors, respect, and integrity each and every day.

Erin Crickenberger and Oliver Litchfield

Academic Awards

SCHOLASTIC HONORS AWARD: Presented to the eighth-grade student who maintains the highest cumulative grade point average throughout the academic year.

Jack Tedesco


Suzanne Horton


Robinson Argobright, Maurice Boyd, Cameron Coates, Erin Crickenberger, Maia Frank, Stephanie Perez, Bennett Polemeni, Charlotte Tuohy, Colette Valentino, Caitlin Vollrath


Bennett Polemeni, Jack Tedesco, Ariana Tellalian, Caitlin Vollrath


Maurice Boyd, Stephanie Perez, Colette Valentino, Aryanna Wasser


Maurice Boyd, Erin Crickenberger, Ava Hearn, Taahir Jones, Oliver Litchfield, Rohan Norden, Stephanie Perez, Jack Tedesco, Joel Wagman


Robinson Argobright, Charli Auerbach, Maurice Boyd, Cameron Coates, Taahir Jones, Stephanie Perez, Bennett Polemeni, Caitlin Vollrath


Maurice Boyd, Cameron Coates, Rohan Norden, Ariana Tellalian


Caitlin Vollrath


Robinson Argobright, Oliver Litchfield, Jack Tedesco


Stay tuned for the Middle School Closing Ceremony photo gallery available through Bedrosian Photo.

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