Girls' Volleyball Moves Up

By Alice Roche Cody

Our girls' volleyball team proved so successful that it can now transition out of its three-year probationary period to become a varsity team within the Skyland Conference next season. This promising news comes after a shortened season that shifted from fall to spring and highlights the players' steadfast commitment.

"The girls are driven and dedicated," said Head Coach Christina Temnycky. "With the shift to spring, a good chunk of our season happened over spring break. The girls did their best to show up. We had fun as a team, and we were rewarded with wins." This season marks Coach Temnycky's first year as head coach, and the third for the team since GSB's volleyball program began.

The Knights logged a 5-1 record, yet including their final win against GSB's faculty, they ended up 6-1. All players were thrilled they beat the teachers' squad, which included Coach Temnycky, a Middle School faculty member. "All season, after every win, I took selfies with the girls, and we'd put up our fingers for our wins," said Coach Temnycky. "After the faculty game, the girls said, 'Coach, you can't put up six fingers, but we can!'"

Even in the first week, Coach Temnycky noticed her team's improvement. "I'm happy with their progress," she said. "We only had one loss, and even though we lost that game, I was still impressed. They were more organized and had more confidence. Nothing scared them, and they thought they could do anything."

It also marked the first time in the program's history that the girls remained undefeated after the first three games. Coach Temnycky gave shout-outs to her captains, Erin Barno '21 and Maya Coleman '22 and her assistant coach, Eva Peña, Middle School science teacher. Standout athletes include Madison Frantz Pendell '22, Jessica Jose-Navarrete '22, Zoe Lichtenberg '24, Brooke Baisley '24, and Kate Byrne '24.

Next season – which starts in the fall – Coach Temnycky looks forward to her team playing at the varsity level.

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