Gill St. Bernard's Culture Night Fair: A Vibrant Celebration of Diversity and Community 

Gill St. Bernard's Culture Night Fair: A Vibrant Celebration of Diversity and Community 

Gill St. Bernard's School recently hosted its highly anticipated Annual Culture Night Fair on December 6, 2023, and by all measures, it was a resounding success. 

Organized by the Parents’ Association and held in the Cox Building’s Evans Hall and Kitchen Discovery Lab, the event brought together the entire school community in a vibrant showcase of diversity and shared heritage. With more than 220 enthusiastic attendees, the evening featured an array of engaging activities, including food, games, interactive booths, and music that offered a glimpse into the unique heritage and traditions within the Gill St. Bernard’s community. 

Under the leadership of Co-Chairs Kim Donaldson P ’32 and Sacha Marcucci P ’26, ’29, ’32 and supported by a dedicated committee, the event aimed to foster unity by highlighting the rich cultural tapestry of our families. 

“In the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion, tonight stands as a testament to our commitment and affirmation that every voice, every tradition, and every individual is valued and welcomed here,” said Donaldson and Marcucci. “Let us celebrate not only our differences but also the common threads that weave us into the vibrant tapestry of Gill St. Bernard’s.” 

Head of School Sid Rowell echoed their sentiment, commenting on the significance of events like Culture Night in encouraging understanding and appreciation for everyone within the school community.  

From the melodic fusion of global music resonating through Evans Hall to the dozen-plus captivating table displays, each moment offered an opportunity to learn more about the countries that circle the globe. 

Participants could visit the Henna artist booth, where intricate designs echoed diverse artistic expressions. They could enjoy the culinary feast representing a wide array of cultural flavors created by the two dozen families who shared their favorite dishes. Finally, they could explore their roots and global connections through the interactive ancestry map or try their hand at crafts and old-fashioned games with historical significance such as mancala, checkers, and hopscotch.  

As a highlight, the entertainment segment continued the cultural celebration beginning with the Upper School Choir’s medley of seasonal tunes led by Upper School Music Instructor Jack Williams III. Upper School student Caroline D’Arcangelis ’24 took to the podium to share the history of Saint Nicholas Day, and Gabby Schmidt ’25 recited a poem entitled the “Culture of India” by Ryson D’Souza. Anthony Zhuang ’27 performed two pieces with the Edison Chinese School Thunder Drum Team before the night ended with Suri Marrero ’27 leading the cheerleaders in an energetic Diwali Dance.  

In their remarks, Donaldson and Marcucci expressed gratitude to the committee, the community, the Development Department, the DEIC Department, and PA President Lauren Salko P ’27, ’30, for their support in bringing the night to life. 

As Head of School Sid Rowell said in his comments, “It’s events like these that make us proud to be a part of the GSB community.” 

Please enjoy the full photo gallery of the night below! 

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