Eva Goodrich '27 Transform Project into Helpful Business

What began for Eva Goodrich '27 as a CHOW (Children Helping Our World) project has evolved into a passionate business idea. With the help of Kickstarter, an online platform built to help creative businesses grow, Eva has been able to transform and expand upon her initial idea.

At first, her project included a poster and a SUN box. The box included a stress ball, a small stuffed toy, and some takeaway Action and Sunshine cards. The response she got at the time was extremely positive, and many people encouraged her to produce the cards.

Since then (and especially during quarantine), she has worked hard on pairing down the project to just a single deck of cards (called "SUNCards") and creating new Action and Sunshine cards for the deck. It has become a fun initiative for the entire family, and the Goodrich’s were even able to find an artist to work with Eva on bringing her cards to life.

As part of the CHOW project, she was encouraged to "help our world," so Eva decided she wanted to continue that thought by making sure that for every deck she sells, another gets donated to a non-profit who works with kids in need. The family has partnered with two nonprofits. One is Sarah's Fight for Hope Foundation, which is a local nonprofit that gets care packages to pediatric cancer patients at Morristown and a few other local hospitals. The other is the My Stuff Bags Foundation, which is a national nonprofit that provides bags of necessities to kids who are heading into foster care from abusive or neglectful homes or are homelessness.

Eva says she is really excited about this project, and she looks forward to keeping the business going after the Kickstarter has been fully funded. Great job, Eva, on representing GSB's commitment to community service and helping others!

For more information on SUNCards, please visit Eva’s Kickstarter Page and her Facebook Page.

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