Cohen ’22 Striving to Help on the Front Lines
Meghan Cohen ’22 is currently six months into her enrollment at Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and is less than a month away from graduating. During this time, Cohen has also been volunteering for the Warren Township Rescue Squad. “I decided to become an EMT because two of the people in my life that I look up to are EMT’s,” she explained, “my cousin and GSB’s head lacrosse coach, Denise Wilson.” Cohen says that patient care has changed tremendously during the COVD-19 pandemic. Her and fellow medics used to go on calls in t-shirts, boots, and gloves. Now, every call is treated as a potential COVID-19 case, requiring responders to wear a suit or surgical gown, an N-95 mask, a face shield, and gloves. This, naturally, has made communicating with patients more difficult and harder to connect with them.  Despite these challenges, Cohen remains committed and passionate about this field of work, and eagerly awaits to take the next step after graduation. “I really like volunteering in healthcare because I genuinely enjoy helping people,” she said. “I think it is really cool that I have skills that could save someone's life. When I go on calls, I see patients and their families, and I appreciate that I am able to help them physically and emotionally.” Thank you for serving the community, Meghan!
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