Blast off into Outer Space!

By Alice Roche Cody

Our PreK astronauts explored the Milky Way Galaxy today, encountering a rumbling blast off, a spectacular meteor shower, a high-stakes spacewalk, and a hero's welcome as the young adventurers returned to Earth.

With Pilot Commander Kathleen Conte and Mission Specialist Michele Coleman at the spacecraft's helm, our travelers were superb hands the entire moon mission that capped off an exciting unit on the planets and solar system.

"Friends, we're going into outer space today!" said Commander Conte. "We're going to use our imaginations! Do you know what that means?"

"Your brain!" said an eager crew member.

Just then Major Jill Fedon from ground control stepped in to bid her young charges farewell.

"Wishing you a safe flight – Go, Knights!" she said. "I'll see you later for music, after you return to earth!"

The crew waved good-bye enthusiastically, then stepped into their spacesuits, clicked their safety belts, and prepared for takeoff. The exuberant countdown could be heard miles away.

"10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 – Blast Off!!!!"

Things got off to a shaky start, but all went according to plan as the space shift blasted through the twinkling stars to enter outer space and land on the moon. Next, the crew prepared for their spacewalk.

"Let's put on our air tanks, tighten our helmets, and make sure your lines are attached to your waist, so you don't drift away," instructed Commander Conte. "Let's jump into space!"

With that, her space force took bounding leaps in and out of moon craters. After watching the splendor of a nearby meteor shower, they returned to their craft for their long-awaited journey back to earth.

"Prepare for re-entry! Start the engine! Home we go!" called Commander Conte.

A fleet of jets escorted our brave adventurers in for a safe landing. Upon exiting the ship, our energetic crew was welcomed by cheering crowds and endless TV cameras. Ms. Lynn Prosen, dressed in her NASA attire, greeted our fleet first. "Welcome home!" she said.

"We used our imaginations!" said a brave spacewoman.

Indeed, when our PreK students put their minds to something, the sky's the limit!

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