Bi-OMMMM-e Project

Fourth graders brushed up on their yoga practice in gym class recently as part of their Biome Project's study into the wild creatures of New Jersey's deciduous forest. First, JJ Messina '29 crouched small and still a like rabbit, and then he sprang up and hopped about. Then Brooke Ramos '29 sat with her back straight and regal as a woodpecker. Next, she extended her arms in front to form a beak and pretended to hammer away at a tree. And Steven Vayntrub '29 enacted a mighty fine downward dog.

As kindergarteners through fourth graders struck their animal's pose and mimicked its movements in phys-ed, Ms. Lynn Prosen, LS science teacher, captured each student on film in front of a green screen.

"This year is the first year we're integrating physical education classes in our Biome Project," said Ms. Prosen. "After we've filmed everyone, we'll include the habitat background where the animals are found as part of our final project."

While the yoga poses may be new to the Biome Project, our Lower School students are already familiar with asanas. "We always incorporate yoga poses in PE to address strength and flexibility and we do our yoga poses and breathing techniques for relaxation," said Shelly LaBarre, health and physical education teacher. "We are so excited to be part of this year's Biome Project! It's such a fun way to collaborate with Ms. Prosen and have our students work together to create our poses and movements. My students were so engaged and loved helping out their classmates featured their particular animal."

The LS's Biome Project will be completed in mid-April with a virtual museum and video to highlight the physical museum that will be displayed in the hallways.


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