Ananya Chatterji Named Director of Studies and Strategic Initiatives at Gill St. Bernard’s

Gill St. Bernard’s has named Ananya Chatterji as Director of Studies and Strategic Initiatives. In this new dynamic position, Chatterji will play an instrumental role in reinforcing GSB’s Preschool to 12th grade curriculum and teaching practices, working closely with classroom teachers to understand not just what students are learning, but how students learn when they are at Gill.

“Independent schools prize themselves on being student-focused learning environments,” Chatterji explained. “Research has shown that students thrive when classes incorporate a mixed approach to learning including lecture, group work, independent learning, and experiential learning. The best classes incorporate all the components, together.”

Chatterji will collaborate with Gill’s lower, middle, and upper school teachers to explore ways to present content so that students at each grade level and in each subject receive the maximum possible benefit from learning.

“Even a math class, for example, would incorporate a significant amount of group work and projects and presentations as opposed to relying exclusively upon lecture,” Chatterji said.

Math is a familiar example for Chatterji, a veteran math teacher of over two decades. She had the opportunity to teach pre-calculus at Gill last year and will be leading an Honors Calculus class in the 2022-23 academic year.

“I love teaching calculus," Chatterji admits. "Students spend their entire math career learning algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc. When they take calculus, they realize why they spent so much time on these foundational building blocks. It all comes together for them in calculus; they take everything that they have learned and apply their skills to very advanced techniques.”

In addition to teaching in a transition year, Chatterji will explore the vertical integration of Gill’s Preschool to 12th Grade curriculum across divisions and will examine how students transition academically from Lower to Middle to Upper School. She will also be reviewing larger school initiatives and ensuring that their objectives are aligned with GSB’s strategic plan.

“I had always known Gill from afar,” Chatterji said, “and I had known it to be a warm environment with lots of individual attention, extraordinary teachers, and excellent facilities.

Now that I am here, it’s obvious that the faculty and staff love and care for the students at each stage of their journey. It’s a palpable love and care, and there is such a sense of joy on campus. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Chatterji holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Bucknell University, and a Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She serves as a mentor for the University of Pennsylvania’s Master in School Leadership Program, and she previously worked at The Pingry School as Upper School Director and Upper School Math Teacher.

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