Alumni Spotlight: Brian Moscioni ’11 - A Life in Public Service 

Alumni Spotlight: Brian Moscioni ’11 - A Life in Public Service 

As part of our Alumni Spotlight Series, Gill St. Bernard's recently sat down with Brian Moscioni, a GSB Class of 2011 alum, whose professional path has taken him from the flight deck of the USS Nimitz to the front lines of the Ukrainian refugee crisis.  

What do you do now, and how did you get where you are?   

I attended Villanova University as a Mechanical Engineering student and participated in the Navy ROTC program. Upon graduation and commissioning as an officer in the Navy, I flew EA-18 fighter jets for five years, with aircraft carrier landings aboard the USS Nimitz and the USS George H.W. Bush. Following an honorable discharge, I started working at Goldman Sachs in the Consumer and Wealth Management division based out of their Chicago and New York offices. 

My passion for public service encouraged me to serve as a volunteer firefighter in Mendham, but I still felt I had not achieved all I was hoping for. I still felt I had more to give. 

When news coverage of the war in Ukraine started, I found myself fully invested in the evolving story of the Ukrainian people. I made a quick decision to support the refugee crisis on the border in a strictly humanitarian capacity and informed my boss at Goldman I was going to Ukraine for a week. When I arrived, I found calm in the chaos. I was surrounded by international volunteers from all over the world with the common, genuine desire to help the displaced Ukrainian people. 

I have traveled to the eastern region of the country three times, with my most recent experience working with a group called Project Konstantin. Located on the front lines just outside of Bakhmut, Project Konstantin is an all-volunteer, international coalition of medics who evacuate wounded soldiers from the trenches every day. They are a small but extremely effective group that has been recognized by and works embedded within the Ukrainian military. 

How did your experience at GSB prepare you for what you are doing today, your career, or life in general?   

I started my journey at GSB in the 3rd grade. When entering high school, I put a strong emphasis on math and sciences courses which would well prepare me for a STEM major in college. My course decisions were influenced by my strong desire to fly fighter jets following my degree. 

GSB’s small class sizes and the availability of the teaching staff for extra help was instrumental in my success in high school. I was a student that needed to spend the extra time studying to succeed with my grades. I was also an active volunteer with Bridges Outreach, which provided me with an insightful introduction to public service. 

My recent experiences in Ukraine reaffirmed my desire to continue a career in public service, and I decided to enroll in graduate school. This year I will be attending the Geneva Graduate Institute for a Masters in International and Developmental Studies, followed by Harvard University for a Masters in Public Administration.  

International relations and foreign policy currently fascinated me the most. I would also love to work in policy creation, either as a legislator or politician.  

What did you do for your Spring Unit? 

One was a Montreal unit, one was at Grand Tetons National Park, and one was at Disney World.   

What would be your advice to current GSB students?   

Never be discouraged to set a goal that seems too high or to think a goal is out of your reach.  

When I figured out I wanted to fly fighter jets, I was never deterred. I focused on finding the clear path to success instead of being held back by obstacles. Find mentors who can guide you and inspire you. Relationship-cultivation is key and will teach you the benefits of working within a network. Lastly - always be a team player! 

Do you have a favorite GSB memory you would like to share?   

I loved being on the cross-country team. You could not beat the camaraderie. To this day, my best friends are the ones I met at Gill. I keep in touch with many of them.  

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