Alumni Family and the Front Lines of COVID-19
Full-time college student Jack Herrlin '18 is an EMT on the front lines transporting COVID-19 patients to various local hospitals for the Mendham Borough First Aid Squad and Atlantic Ambulance. Jack’s family explains, “He has always been willing to help those in need. His selfless acts are just a part of who he is.” Jack became a volunteer EMT at 16 supporting the Mendham Borough First Aid Squad. During the past four years his work as an EMT led to a position with Atlantic Ambulance in 2019. He generally works ten to twelve-hour shifts, two to three days a week, transporting patients to and from local hospitals such as Morristown Medical Center, Overlook Hospital, St. Clare’s Denville Hospital, and many others. Last year he was recognized by the Mendham Borough First Aid Squad for responding to over 175 calls. While serving his community during this time of great need, safety remains a priority. Jack has proper protective equipment (PPE) and follows decontamination protocol at the end of a Covid-19 call. He is also taking extra precautions for his family at home, which includes his 95-year-old grandfather. Helpfulness runs in his family as his mother, Ellen, answered a posting on Nextdoor to help with the #MillionMaskChallenge. To date, she made over 60 masks, which have been distributed to Morristown Medical Center and Bayada Nurses.
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