All the World’s a Stage: GSB Players Host an Unforgettable Evening

All the World’s a Stage: GSB Players Host an Unforgettable Evening

The GSB Players hosted a memorable evening on Friday, May 19, 2023, in the esteemed Performing Arts and Community Center (PACC), celebrating the remarkable talent and achievements of the cast, crew, and production staff from this year's outstanding performances of Clue and Chicago.

Proud parents and siblings joined in for a fun-filled night of food, entertainment, and awards, which kicked off with a student-selected Chipotle banquet in the FM Kirby Lobby, followed by sweet treats from the Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Truck parked outside.

Embracing the school's motto "The World is Our Classroom," the GBS Players staged an event mirroring their unique theatrical perspective that, in fact, “All the world’s a stage.” The program featured engaging performances, including student-directed Dada interpretations, a scene from the classic play Barefoot in the Park (featuring Nathaniel Costa ’26 and Julliane Witte '26), and a captivating improvisational acting session involving the entire audience. The students' creativity and passion were on full display as they entertained the delighted crowd.

The highlight of the evening was the inaugural 2022-2023 GSB Gilly Awards, honoring outstanding contributions in various categories within the theatre program. Director Paul Canada, Producer Todd Ross, and Choreographer Margery Schiesswohl presented the awards. According to Mr. Ross, "The Gilly Awards symbolize the dedication and talent exhibited by the students throughout the year, showcasing their commitment to excellence."

As the evening progressed, a sense of excitement and nostalgia filled the air, as the event also served as a farewell to graduating seniors who made significant contributions to the theatre program during their time at GSB. As Ms. Scheisswohl said, “It was a time to reminisce on their journeys, bid heartfelt farewells, and highlight the indelible mark these students are leaving for future generations of theatre enthusiasts."

The evening emphasized the value of theatre arts in fostering creativity, teamwork, and personal growth among students. At the conclusion of the event, Mr. Canada proudly remarked, “Tonight certainly made a lasting impression on everyone here, showcasing the department's commitment to nurturing talent, fostering an artistic community, and inspiring students to pursue their passion for theatre.”

2022-2023 GSB Players Awards (Voted on by Peers)

  • JAMES SCHADT '23 (Amos Hart – Chicago) – Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Male-Identified Role
  • ALIA MESSINA ‘23 (Matron “Mama” Morton - Chicago) - Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Female-Identified Role
  • HARRY PAMBIANCHI  (Wadsworth – Clue) - Outstanding Performance by a Leading Actor in a Male-Identified Role
  • MARY YOUNG (Velma Kelly – Chicago) - Outstanding Performance by a Leading Actor in a Female-Identified Role

2023 Gilly Awards 

  • CAROLINE D’ARCHANGELIS – Most supportive
  • NATHANIEL COSTA – Best Dramatic Entrance
  • DYLAN WEAVER – Most Tenacious
  • AROOSH PATEL – Always There When You Need Them
  • ALEXA WOODARD – Best Use of An Accent
  • PHILLIP VANYTRUB – Most Likely to Host a Talk Show
  • MARY YOUNG – Most Collaborative
  • SOPHIA MARIANO - Best Performance as a Corpse
  • AUSTEN CAREY – Most Engaged
  • ELSA RACINE – Best Stage Death
  • JACOB ROSS – MVC for "Chicago"

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