3rd Graders Learn About Teamwork at Fairview Lake

3rd Graders Learn About Teamwork at Fairview Lake

On Wednesday, September 21, GSB Third Graders made a field trip to Fairview Lake in nearby Newton, New Jersey, to learn first-hand how the world is truly their classroom. 

The Class of 2032 joined Third Grade Teachers Mrs. Schultz and Ms. Healey to participate in a series of outdoor activities such as trail walks, nature exploration, low ropes courses, and canoeing. Each field trip activity was centered around problem-solving skills and team-building strategies designed to support the students’ academic work and social-emotional learning throughout the year. 

When asked afterwards how they would describe the field trip, members of Mrs. Schultz’ class responded with words like exciting, fun, and tiring—most notably because of the effort it took to paddle “The Big Canoe.” 

In their final challenge, the Third Grade Class had to guide “The Big Canoe” across a 1.5-mile portion of the lake. The catch, however, was that all 31 members of the class were seated in and paddling the large vessel at the same time.  

While the endeavor started off slowly, classmates quickly realized that it was easier to maneuver the canoe by communicating with one another and by working as a team—a key tenet of their third grade curriculum. After encouraging one another to use proper rowing techniques and timing their strokes, the seemingly impossible task soon became a proud accomplishment and a memorable way to end a great day outdoors. 

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