Grade 3 Living Museum

Last week, each third-grader appeared as a famous person from history for the Lower School living museum. Parents, grandparents and other guests had a chance to talk with Amelia Earhart, Harry Houdini and Leonardo da Vinci, to name a few. Reflecting on the hard work the children had put into their presentations, third-grade teacher Sara Swartz noted that the biography project gave students a chance to explore their own interests and to identify with role models. "Tommy (appearing as Coach K. from Duke) loves basketball," she said. "Davis (JS Bach) loves music; Neil (Henry Ford) is interested in machines. The students were inspired by the contributions of their subjects. They wanted to learn more about the steps those people took to become astronauts, authors, scientists and more—the people you see here today."
Congratulations to our third-graders on a job well done:
Annabelle (Joan of Arc), Annie (Malala Yousafzai), Aryanna (Ginger Rogers), Caitlin (Dolly Parton), Cameron (Steve Irwin), Cece (Danica Patrick), Charlotte (Red Pollard), Ciara (Simone Biles), Davis (JS Bach), Declan (Neil Armstrong), Ethan (Roald Dahl) Graedy (Eddie Aiku), Graham (Babe Ruth), Gurnoor (Amelia Earhart), Jack (Jesse Owens), Lily (Barack Obama), Luc (Harry Houdini), Neil (Henry Ford), Oliver (Winston Churchill), Remy (Martin Luther King Jr.), Roberto (Leonardo da Vinci), Sebastian (Claude Monet), Tommy (Coach K. from Duke).
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