Upper School Academic Awards

This morning, Upper School Director Sue Petrone and department chairs recognized students for excellence in academic coursework. End-of-year awards were given in each academic discipline for each level of study. In addition, citizenship awards and college book awards, including the Harvard Book Prize and Princeton Book Award, were conferred.
Congratulations to all of our students on their hard work and academic achievements this year.
Freshman / Sophomore Awards
Thomas A. Conover Cup
Mark Giordano '19
Margaret D. Jefferson Cup
Teresa Zimmer '20
Junior Awards
John Atthowe Memorial Prize
CJ Licata '18
C. Elliot Knoke Prize
Ivana Mejia '18
Mark Mathabane Humanitarian Award
Jessica Abowitz '18
Book Awards
Harvard Book Prize: Daniel Wang '18
Princeton Book Award: Alex Schachne '18
Mount Holyoke Book Award: Sabrina Sukhin '18
Wellesley College Book Award: Bojia "Cynthia" Hu '18
Smith College Award: Amanda Lazar '18
University of Chicago Book Award: Nick Bhimani '18
English Department Awards
Henshaw Award
Cindy Tong '18
Excellence in Honors Literary Analysis
Christiana Brown '20, Kerry Colford '20, Caroline Grant '20,  Adrian Meyers-Massuet '20, Maya Schiller '20
Excellence in American Literature
Andree Aloise '19, Sydnei Caldwell '19, Will Henderlong '19, Daniel Shen '19
Excellence in Honors American Literature
Alicia Amoroso '19, Emily Axelsen '19, Kiera Murphy '19, Peyton Sloan '19
Excellence in British Literature
Alan Chen '18, Mia Kirby '18, Shane Shannon '18, Brooke Stephenson '18
Excellence in Honors British Literature
Ivana Mejia '18, Catherine Quan-Shau '18
Excellence in World Literature
Martine DiDomenico '17, Sara Merton '17
Excellence in Honors World Literature
Emma Dean '17, Lara Drzik '17, Kelly Schiesswohl '17, Luke Solondz '17
Excellence in Creative Writing
Steve Hassett '17, Carleigh Matthews '17
Excellence in Advanced Creative Writing
Samantha Bittman '17, Lara Drzik '17, Jack Riccardo-Wood '17
Excellence in AP Language and Composition
Cindy Tong '18
Excellence in AP Literature
Pia Bhatia '17, Sabrina Marques '17, Nichole Morley '17, Jack Riccardo-Wood '17
History Department Awards
Excellence in CWC
Jessica Bleier '20, Sophie Dreskin '20, Julia Hersh '20, Adrian Meyers-Massuet '20
Excellence in US History
Peyton Sloan '19, Catelyn Woelfle '19
Excellence in AP US History
Emily Axelsen '19, Emma Koslow '19
Excellence in AP Modern European History
Nick Bhimani '18
Excellence in AP Microeconomics
Maddy Bedrock '17, Alan Chen '18, Daniel Wang '18
Excellence in AP Human Geography
Louise Horn '17, Tyler Starr '17, Charlotte Walsh '17
Excellence in AP US Government and Politics
Ivana Mejia '18, Charlotte Walsh '17
Excellence in History of Ancient Greece
Ryan Fucci '17
Excellence in History of Ancient Rome
Rachel Richardson '17
T.O.P.S.S. Advanced Placement Psychology Award
Cindy Tong '18
University of Rochester Award / Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award (Humanities): Daniel Wang '18
World Languages Department Awards
Excellence in French I
Kerry Colford '20
Excellence in French II
Christiana Brown '20
Excellence in French III
Surbhi Srinivas '19
Excellence in French IV
Bojia "Cynthia" Hu '18
Excellence in French AP
Louise Horn '17 and Hannah Lazar '17
Concours National De Francais Winners
French 1/Gold
Kaitlyn Sleyster '17
French 1/Bronze
Kerry Colford '20
French 2 Bronze
Vicky Barrell '19
Excellence in Spanish I
Caroline Grant '20
Excellence in Spanish II
Brianna Moglianesi '19
Excellence in Honors Spanish II
Alan Chen '18
Excellence in Spanish III
Alyssa Jurewicz '19
Excellence in Honors Spanish III
Kiera Murphy '19
Excellence in Spanish IV
Cindy Tong '18
Excellence in Honors Spanish IV
CJ Licata '18
Excellence in AP Spanish
Ivana Mejia '18
Excellence in Spanish Conversation and Culture
Genny Fischer '17
Excellence in Latin I
Allison Zhao '20
Excellence in Latin II
Edward McCarthy '20
Excellence in Latin III
Olivia Escousse '19
Excellence in Latin IV
Danielle Towle '18
Excellence in Latin V
Mary Fran Howard '17
Excellence in AP Latin
Pia Bhatia '17
National Latin Exam Awards
Cum Laude
Latin II
Grace Burton '19, Pierce Chan '20, Luke Mariak '20, Emily Raia '20, V Matthew Steinbaum '20, Catelyn Woelfle '19
Latin III
Nick Bhimani '18
Latin IV
Jessica Abowitz '18, Sarah Caminito '18
Magna cum Laude
Latin I
Emily Axelsen '19, Zirui "Jerry" Wang '20
Latin II
Maggie Kistner '20
Latin III
Gillian Fritzlo '19, Miles Griffin '19, Sebastian Laboy '19
Latin IV
Danielle Towle '18
Maxima cum Laude

Latin I
Alicia Amoroso '19, Allison Zhao '20
Latin II
Edward McCarthy '20
Latin III
Olivia Escousse '19, Surbhi Srinivas '19, Helena Digney '18
Summa cum Laude
Latin II
Robert Brandl '20, Cindy Padilla '20
Art Department Awards
Studio Art
Excellence in AP Studio Art
Nina Bhatia '17, Cindy He '17, Rachel Richardson, Kelly Schiesswohl '17
Excellence in Portfolio Development
Steven Hassett '17, Mary Fran Howard '17, Erica Phiansunthon '17
Excellence in Photography
Will Dadouris '17, Harsabreen Chadha '18
Excellence in Woodworking
Cameron Burns '17, Will Henderlong '19, Nyla Mulcahy '17, Marky Rusas '19, John Yoss '18
Outstanding Leadership in Concert Choir
Kelly Schiesswohl '17 and Kaitlyn Sleyster '17
Outstanding Achievement by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Casey Rojek '18 as Sebastian in Cinderella
Outstanding Achievement by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Brooke Stephenson '18 as Marie in Cinderella
Outstanding Achievement by an Actor in a Leading Role
AJ Witte '19 as William Gillette in The Game’s Afoot
Outstanding Achievement by an Actress in a Leading Role
Kelly Schiesswohl '17 as Cinderella in Cinderella
Excellence in the Performing Arts Curriculum across multiple disciplines
Kaitlyn Sleyster '17
Math Department Awards
American Math Competition Awards
Top score for a senior
Sharon Jin '17
Top score for a junior
Zhiyu "Mickey" Zhang '18
Top score for a sophomore
Kiera Murphy '19
Top score for a freshman
Zirui "Jerry" Wang '20
Excellence in Geometry
Robert Brandl '20, Kelsey Breuer '20, Luca Del Vescovo '20, Luke Mortensen '20, Emily Raia '20
Excellence in Algebra II/Trig
Julia Hersh '20
Excellence in Honors Algebra II/Trig
Kiera Murphy '19, Zirui "Jerry" Wang '20, Allison Zhao '20
Excellence in Precalculus
Ryan Morash '18
Excellence in Honors Precalculus
Olivia Escousse '19, Miles Griffin '19, Alyssa Jurewicz '19, Brianna Moglianesi '19, Petyon Sloan '19, Surbhi Srinivas '19
Excellence in Honors Calculus
Alan Chen '18
Excellence in AP Calculus AB
Daniel Wang '18
Excellence in AP Calculus BC
Pia Bhatia '17, Cindy He '17, Hannah Lazar '17
Excellence in Statistics
Hannah Lazar '17
Excellence in Linear Algebra
Sharon Jin '17
Computer Science Awards
Excellence in Computer Science
AP Computer Science: Sabrina Sukhin '18
Excellence in Programming
Olivia Escousse '19
Excellence in Design – CAD
Armeen Mozafarri '17
Excellence in Web Page Design
Naya Shim '17
Science Department Awards
Excellence in Biology
Thinh "Nathan" Ha '18
Excellence in Honors Biology
Alan Chen '18
Excellence in AP Biology
Sharon Jin '17
Excellence in Intro to Physics
Brad Bundschuh '18, Emma Lipkin '20
Excellence in Honors Physics
Luke Mariak '20
Excellence in AP Physics
Alex Schachne '18, Daniel Wang '18
Excellence in Honors Environmental Science
Louise Horn '17
Excellence in AP Environmental Science
Cindy He '17
Excellence in Chemistry
Emily Axelsen '19, Ilana Druskin '19, Ansley Hopton '19, Shane Shannon '18
Excellence in Honors Chemistry
Carolyn Herrlin '19, Kiera Murphy '19, Brianna Moglianese '19
Excellence in AP Chemistry
Surbhi Srinivas '19
Excellence in Human Physiology
Emma Dean '17
Excellence in Animal Science
Nichole Morley '17
George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science Medal
Daniel Wang '18
Bausch & Lomb Applied Science Medal
Nick Bhimani '18
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Award in Math and Science
Amanda Lazar '18
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