October 30, 2015

The day we reserve for Halloween festivities is one I approach annually with a mixture of emotions. There are other holidays in the year which I mark and celebrate with more enthusiasm, yet Halloween has firmly fixed itself in our culture, and is important to many at GSB.

Being raised by parents who viewed Halloween as a children's event, it was never a day I paid much attention to after entering junior high school, with the exception of the many opportunities it allowed me to satiate my sweet tooth. Several cavities, fillings and pounds later, I confess that it lost much of its allure. Save for the occasional costume party, it served as more of a calendar signal that the real holidays were approaching.

When I arrived a Gill 15 years ago, I neither knew what to expect, nor what was expected of me. As a result, I fell back on my most recent experience with Halloween at my prior school, where the Headmaster made all of the major administrators dress up for the day. Despite my own aversion to it (I can often times make myself look foolish without the assistance of a costume), I observed protocol and donned several outfits over the years. So arriving at Gill in 2001, I "suited up" for the occasion. My first outfit was Elvis, admittedly a bold choice. Fortunately, only a few photos still exist – thank god it predated social media – and thus a reluctant tradition began. Fifteen years later, it continues, with Baymax from the movie Big Hero 6, my latest attempt.

I hope the children enjoyed it; after all, they are the only reason I continue to do this…
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