Middle School Students Gain First-Hand Lesson in Maple Tree-Tapping

An annual tradition in the Middle School at GSB, members of the Class of 2021, as well as several fifth graders, “tapped” into the resources available on campus today during a maple tree-tapping session led by Rich Hoffman of the Lord Stirling Environmental Education Center.

For the fourth consecutive academic year, Hoffman explained the process for drilling and tapping sugar maple trees. Overall, the lesson included three tree-tapping demonstrations, which revealed no flowing sap due to today’s temperatures falling beneath 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accompanied by Middle School teachers Teri Cosentino, Frank Corrado, Joanna Hayes and Jennifer Schuchman students learned the ways to identify various species of maple trees, both common and unfamiliar to the Northeastern United States, calculated the lifespan of the trees they tapped and discussed the factors that make a tree healthy or weak.

Once enough sap has been collected, students will enjoy a pancake and waffle breakfast to compare GSB’s homemade maple syrup with store-bought brands.
Gill St. Bernard’s is a private, coeducational day school for students age three through grade 12, located in suburban New Jersey. Each of the three school divisions provides a vigorous, meaningful and age-appropriate curriculum, and all students benefit from the environmental learning opportunities that exist on our 208-acre campus.