Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the athletic hall of fame is to honor former outstanding student athletes, coaches, athletic staff, teams and others who have exhibited significant athletic success, have brought credit to the school through sportsmanship, elevated athletics at GSB through support and/or school spirit, and/or consistently set a positive example for others.


  • Former student-athlete has left school (in good standing) at least 10 years prior
  • Coach or Assistant Coach or other athletic staff members has left or retired (in good standing) at least 3 years prior
  • Special Contributors to the Athletic program may be considered at any time after direct involvement in the athletic program is considered no longer a conflict, but no sooner than 3 years afterward (examples include parents, friends, non-letter winner students, etc.)
  • Posthumous candidates are eligible for nomination.
  • Please contact the alumni office if you would like to nominate a coach or special contributor.


Individuals or teams can be nominated by anyone by completing the online form (see below) or mailing the form to the following address:

Gill St. Bernard's School
Attn: Alumni Office / Athletic Hall of Fame
St. Bernard's Road
Gladstone, NJ 07934
Minimum requested fields, as indicated on nomination forms, will be required to activate a nominee. Nominees without the minimum fields completed will not be considered. All nominees should be positive examples of character and integrity in addition to having a sustained interest in the school.

Nominees will remain active for five years after submission at which point he/she/team will be removed from consideration. Individuals may be nominated more than once.

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Member List

View the complete list of Athletic Hall of Fame members below. You may also print a list (PDF).

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    Walter H. Lemley '26Fletcher Breeden '29
    Richard Kollmar '29James C. Beam '30
    Edward M. Hahn '31Clinton Allen '36
    Edwin Nicholls '36Philip J. Sheridan '36
    Lenonard Taft '36Walter Mugford '37
    Harry Gannon '37Russell Bauer '38
    George Fessenden '39Roger Conant '39
    Rodney Wagner '47Gerry Pierre Scheide '48
    Charles Forman '49Oscar Kaus '49
    Thomas Tingle '49Richard Clarvoe '50
    Anthony D'Apolito '50Edward Dunning '51
    Howard G. Oliver '51William Pote '51
    Kurt Schneider '53Dan Decher '54
    Richard Regan '55Joanna Billings '56
    John W. Gotsch '56F. Carter Wood, III '56
    Lane Billings Lewis '59Nathalia Rocchi Scotes '59
    Jeff Chandor '60Joyce Creasey '60
    John Dougherty '60A. Murray Lindsley '60
    Sandra Nagro Lobel '62John V.G. Bowlus '63
    Walter L. Niebling '63Stephen Mattingly '64
    Robert Ambrose '671967-68 Men's Basketball Team
    Thomas Bonanne '68Linda Johnson Keller '68
    William E. Harner '68John Saddler '68
    Jill Coffin Paxton '69Gerald Fox '70
    Karl Hummel '70Kevin Wentworth '70
    Fred Engelberger '71Robert C. Rogers '72
    Carl Engelberger '73Thomas M. Serra '73
    Shelia Stockslager Lane '73Keith Edwards '75
    Eustace Fliedner '75Daryle Wall '76
    Garfield Scott '76Suzanne Jensen Sweeney '76
    Michael Morris '77William Feingold '77
    Marion D.Nittoli Parker '78Leanne Parkinson Callahan '79
    Thomas S. McKittrick '79Hays Williams '79
    Jeff Dangelmajer '80Michael Malone, Coach & AD
    Suzanne Brette Green '81Greg Best '82
    Michael Wendell '841991 Men's Soccer Team
    Alexis Vander Sterre '951996-1998 Women’s Soccer Team
    Erin Bayley Buraszeski ‘99
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