Financial Aid

Supplemental Programs

The Silverman Family Unit Scholarship
Established in 2011 by a grant from the Kenneth and Claudia Silverman Foundation (Britney Silverman ’97). The Unit program is a unique part of the School’s curriculum and helps to make the school’s motto "The World is Our Classroom" a reality. The Silverman Family Foundation scholarship supports current student participation in the Unit for students who qualify for need-based financial aid. The number of recipients and size of the awards during any given year is determined by the funds available, the number of applicants and the dollar amount requested by each applicant.
Student Support Fund
Established in 2013 by a group of current parents in an effort to support all non-employee students receiving financial aid at 75% and above the cost of tuition. Small grants are awarded to offset incidental and often unforeseen expenses that a student may incur as part of their Gill St. Bernard's School experience. These expenses may include class trips, fees for school run clubs and programs, social events, athletic related expenses and fees associated with the college admission process.

Requests for student support grants are reviewed by the Office of Student Life as well as the Division Director in consult with the Director of Admission and Financial Aid. Every effort is made to distribute the funds fairly and equitably.
Used Book Sale
Each year used Upper School textbooks are offered to all students for re-sale at a significantly reduced price. Students who are receiving need-based financial aid at 75% and above the cost of tuition receive their books free of charge.
Athletic Trip Financial Aid
Pre-season team trips are an integral part of the Upper School’s athletic program for several sports. Athletic team travel is intended to facilitate conditioning, team formation and provide competitive experiences for GSB athletes. A portion of the cost of these trips is underwritten for students who are receiving need-based financial aid. In some cases, aid is provided for students for whom the additional cost of athletic travel presents a financial hardship. Awards to students currently receiving aid are commensurate with the percentage of current tuition the student is receiving in need-based financial aid. Families who are in need of Athletic Trip Financial Aid and are not receiving need-based financial aid must apply to Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) to determine the extent of their need, and awards are made accordingly. Questions about applying for Athletic Trip Financial Aid should be made directly to the Director of Athletics.
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