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SAT/ACT Course

SAT or ACT scores are not the only criteria used by colleges to determine admission. Academic performance throughout high school, involvement in community service or athletics, as well as drama and music and other clubs are all seriously considered. However, it is in a student's best interest to achieve his or her best possible results on standardized test scores since many colleges and universities use them as benchmarks for future academic success.

English and mathematics teachers with extensive classroom experience teach the SAT/ACT prep course at Gill St. Bernard's School. Each instructional session is divided into two one-hour classes: critical reading skills and strategies in addition to grammar, usage and vocabulary in context; and analytical and statistical reasoning and problems in mathematics. The material covered is applicable to both the SAT and ACT tests. The course requires the completion of five practice assignments and five sessions of analysis, discussion and strategies for a total of about eight hours of independent study and 10 hours of guided practice. In addition, we offer three opportunities for full-length test practice: two SAT tests and one ACT, given on Saturday mornings. Our courses conclude just before actual testing dates, providing our students with the best opportunity for success. Any student who takes the course at GSB in one term is free to repeat all or part in the following session for review or to make up missed sessions.

Perhaps the most important aspect of taking a preparation course is the familiarity with the test that our students gain and the increased confidence that results. Our instruction builds not only improved performance on SAT and ACT tests but also imparts skills and strategies essential to broader academic success.

Student comments about our course:

  • "This course really improved my scores in all three subject areas." - I.J GSB HS
  • "I returned for extra classes and saw results." - K.G Mendham HS
  • "I felt less anxious about the types of questions I might encounter." - J.B. Princeton University
  • "Taking the course at GSB helped me improve on the math section especially." - K.C. Boston University
  • "I know I did my best after taking the GSB SAT course [and] I felt more confident." - C.B. Hamilton College
  • "The teachers really focus on what you need to do." - N.R. Swarthmore College
  • "By the time I got to the test, I was prepared well above the level of writing they wanted." - S.H. Columbia University
  • "The SAT prep course at Gill helped me relax the day of the test so that I could utilize the strategies I learned in the course." - R.C. Lafayette College
Fall Session
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Practice Test Dates
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