College Guidance

From The Director

Welcome to the college process! The college process is a time of self-reflection and self-discovery, a time for students to contemplate who they are and who they hope to become in the years ahead. While it can be accompanied by some challenging twists and turns, it should be exciting and personally rewarding.
The role of the college guidance team here at GSB is to assist students and families like you as you navigate this process. We ask you to remember as you begin researching schools that there are approximately 3000 colleges and universities in the US alone. Among them, there are no "good" or "bad" colleges. There are, however, "good" and "bad" college matches for individual students. Good college matches are made by thinking about your own unique talents and needs and allowing them to drive your search.
Our advice to you is that you approach the college process with open eyes, open ears and an open mind. Let your experiences on college campuses have some (but not absolute) influence on where you choose to apply. As your guidance team, we will support you through the application process. And it is our hope that after much investigating and some applying, your final decision where to attend college will be an easy one for you to make.
You can rest assured knowing that students who have reached this place in their high school career have achieved much success and satisfaction with their college processes and choices. It is more than likely that you too will move on from GSB with a great sense of pride in what you have accomplished here, an enthusiasm for the possibilities in front of you in college, and the educational tools necessary to have the same superlative experience in the years that follow.
We look forward to getting to know you and to working with you.

All the best,
Kerri Small
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