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  • April

    April 11, 2017

    We had a special guest speaker at Upper School assembly yesterday. Rose Stuckey Kirk, P’18 and member of our Board of Trustees, made a brief presentation and then fielded student questions. As part of our regular “speakers series” in the Upper School, Rose spoke about labels and how we all use them in an effort to understand people. She also clearly articulated the many reasons how the use of labels limits or even prevents our ability to connect with, respect and understand others. It was a timely lesson.

    Rose is a highly successful executive, currently serving as Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer for Verizon. An accomplished speaker, she was both engaging and clearly got her message across to our students. We are so fortunate to have Rose, her son Connor ’18 and husband, Robert, in the GSB community.
  • April 9, 2017

    Last night was our annual auction. The theme for the evening was “Moonlit Night.” Indeed, we had a full moon for the event, which demonstrated a wonderful show of support for the school.

    In addition to both the silent and live auctions, all in attendance got to see the GSB Players reprise one of the numbers from their recent show, Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. It was great to see them perform once again, though I was a little disappointed that some in the audience were talking and not really paying attention. These events can be noisy at times, and my hope is we will improve in this area next year.

    My special thanks go to Julie Bliss Chan, who was the parent chair. Her tireless commitment, enthusiasm and creativity was visible everywhere. The auction simply could not have happened without the leadership of our parent volunteers. Given that the proceeds go directly to fund the programs at the school, our children are ultimately the beneficiaries. As we all know, our children are a great “cause.”

    I am in awe of all that our volunteers do at and for Gill at every level. Beyond the auction and other events like the fashion show, there is the Booster Club and theater parents (Friends of the Arts). We have PAN Parents, team parents, room parents and grade level parents. The list goes on, in each case connecting a volunteer to a critical need at our school. Without such support, our school would be a vastly different place, and not for the better.

    Perhaps most important, this gift of service given by our parents, further deepens and strengthens the bonds of community at GSB. It extends and expands our programs in ways that may not be easily quantified. For this I am most grateful, as it is this very spirit that sets us apart as a school from the many others in the area.
  • April 4, 2017

    Kudos to Team Chaos, GSB’s robotics group who placed 8th (out of 38 teams) at the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition in Montgomery last week. By virtue of their finish, they participated in the semifinal round of competition, where they placed 4th. They will now advance to competition this week at Lehigh.

    This achievement by our students is just as exciting as any other accomplishment we have experienced in sports or the arts. It is amazing to me that the program has come this far in the past few years. Building a functional robotic and then successfully programming it to perform several tasks is well beyond my limited abilities. Everyone involved with the team – students, teachers, advisors – deserves the credit for their progress and success!
  • March

    March 16, 2017

    After weeks of preparation, work began today on the demolition of the “old gym.” The actual name of the building was the “Hall of Events.” Constructed back in 1962, the facility was intended to be multipurpose in nature and not just a space for athletics. Incidentally, St. Bernard’s first gymnasium (built in 1926) currently serves as our “black box” theater. The old gym was an ever present feature on the campus for more than 55 years. It hosted countless games, concerts, dances, and assemblies as well as other events over the years including our annual auction. In this fashion, the Hall of Events truly lived up to its original moniker.
  • March 14, 2017

    The campus is closed today and tomorrow, in anticipation of the storm. I have to believe that there are several students, and even some teachers who are a little disappointed that this “blizzard” came during spring break. After all, we only had one “snow day” in January/February. However, next winter could be different. Happily, I am visiting alumni and past parents in Florida today.
  • March 10, 2017

    It is safe to say that spring break is probably the most anticipated vacation on the academic calendar. Faculty, parents, and students all look forward to this day and the opportunity to get away, sleep late, or just follow a different routine for two weeks.
  • March 7, 2017

    Last night boys’ basketball game was exhilarating, deflating and ultimately, exhausting. We played Roselle Catholic in the sectional semifinals of the state basketball tournament. It was close from start to finish with the last shot taken by Roselle being the game winner.
  • March 5, 2017

    I had the opportunity to see “Cinderella,” this year’s Upper School musical, last night in the theater. It has been my good fortune to see every major performance by the program since 2001. In short, it was spectacular.
  • February

    February 16, 2017

    By now, most people in the GSB community have heard me say that schools are “messy” places. My follow up line to this observation is “both students and adults are capable of doing foolish things from time to time.” Now, it should be self-evident that this is not intended to be either a general indictment or a widespread admission of guilt. It simply represents one of life’s basic realities and attempts to provide a context for events in the daily life of an academic institution. It is also why we have an Honor System at our school.
  • January

    January 6, 2017

    In the past few years I have come to detest the term “wintry mix.” It seems to have become a catch-all, “hedge-your-bet” easy way for weather forecasters to improve their accuracy in the face of an uncertain outcome. Unfortunately, whenever it is used we are subsequently relegated to trying to determine the exact nature of the precipitation (snow, sleet, ice, rain), and discern its impact on road conditions. Personally, I would prefer all snow to this mixture. Furthermore, it is best when the prediction is for six inches or more!
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