A Perfect Day for Stone Soup

Fourth-grader Lucy Halstead captured the spirit of Stone Soup Day in her own words, telling the gathering, "When everyone adds a little bit, you create something wonderful."
The 34th annual Stone Soup Day celebration was held in front of the Scout Cabin this morning, where three empty soup pots awaited the Lower Schoolers offerings of noodles and vegetables and, of course, the famed soup stone.
In keeping with tradition, eighth-grade students who have been at Gill St. Bernard’s since kindergarten or earlier presented the soup stone to the youngest child in Lower School: Judith Brooks '31. This tradition echoes the Stone Soup fable, in which the youngest child in the village is entrusted with the soup stone. The Middle School "Lifers," all of whom remember Stone Stoup from their years in the Lower School, formed a line and passed the soup stone from hand to hand before presenting it to Brooks. Then, the audience awaited the unmistakable plunk of the stone landing in the empty pot, the cue for Lower School children to come forward and add their vegetables to the soup pot.
In addition to the Lifers, all of the students in Middle School played an important role in the ceremony this year—escorting Lower School children from Cox Hall to the Scout Cabin.
Reflecting on the event, Lower School Director Honor Taft offered, "We were fortunate to have absolutely perfect weather this morning for our annual Stone Soup celebration. It is such a wonderful event—showing the children the importance of collaboration and sharing, and ushering in the season of giving for our entire school community."
Special thanks to our eighth-grade Lifers: Jack Alexy, Bart Benoit, Ava Escousse, Anneliese Gattoni, Laura Howard, Liam Jones, Chris Lake, Sydney Lapper, Sophie Nourbakhsh, Stella O'Connor, Zoe O'Connor, Leigh Reid, Caroline Solondz, Natalie Sturman, Alek Tobias, Cody Torgovnik and Connor Udoff.
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