Fencing Teams Mark Senior Night with Double Victory

Last night, both the girls' and boys' varsity fencing teams defeated Hackettstown High. The victories were especially sweet as they coincided with the team's senior night, when the coaches and fans paid special tribute to the thirteen fencers from the Class of 2016.
The girls' squad edged out Hackettstown 14-13, and sabre and foil had particularly strong outings, taking 12 of 18 bouts. Leading the sabrists were senior Jacqueline Luberto and freshman Edith Brazil, with two wins apiece. Rachel Richardson '17 (round 2) and Emma Corbett '16 (round 3) recorded the two remaining sabre wins. Among the foilists, senior Samantha DeRing led the charge with wins in the first two rounds. Mary Frances Howard '17 also posted a first-round win, Colette Bilynsky '16 contributed a second-round win, and Katherine Huang '16 and Cynthia Hu '18 added wins in round three. In epee, Danae Aslidis '18 and Brianna Moglianesi '19 both notched first-round wins. 
The boys' team recorded a 22-5 victory, with all three squads sweeping the first round. Among the sabrists, freshman Alexander DeRing went on to best his opponents 5-1 across all three rounds. Landon Braemer '17 and Mark Rusas '19 contributed the remaining wins in round one, and Luke Solondz '17 added wins in rounds two and three. The sabre team went seven for nine for the evening. Foil had an amazing night, sweeping all three rounds. Seniors Ross Pollack and Samuel Zimmer posted three wins apiece, and senior Bruce Li won in the first two rounds, with Jack Riccardo '17 contributing a win in round three. For the epee squad, Luke Fischer '16, Nicholas Bhimani '18 and Lachlan Wright '17 won in round one. Bhimani also posted a victory in round three. Freshman Barrett Reep came into fence the second round, and posted wins in rounds two and three to help epee win six of nine for the evening.
Congratulations to the girls' and boys' teams and especially to the thirteen members of the Class of 2016: Emma Corbett [absent from photo], Colette Bilynsky, Jada Davis, Samantha DeRing, Luke Fischer, Katherine Huang, Bruce Li, Jacqueline Luberto, Ross Pollack, Zoe Quan-Shau, Alexandra Udoff, Samuel Zimmer, and Mycroft Zimmerman.
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