GSB Players Announce Fall 2015 Production

The GSB Players are pleased to announce Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Nile as this year’s Upper School fall production. Performances are scheduled for November 5, 6 and 7. This suspenseful drama, penned by the grande dame of the murder mystery genre, finds a disparate group of British holiday travelers voyaging up the Nile aboard the paddle steamer Lotus.

Simon Mostyn has recently married Kay Ridgeway, a rich young debutante, after having thrown over his former lover, Jacqueline De Severac. While on their honeymoon the Mostyns meet up with a bevy of memorable characters including Canon Pennefather, Kay’s guardian; Jacqueline, who has been dogging their footsteps throughout the honeymoon; Miss. Ffoliot-Ffoulkes, a snobbish older woman; her long-suffering niece, Christina Grant; the mysterious Dr. Bessner; and an aristocrat in disguise who goes by the name “Smith.”  During the voyage, Jacquiline works herself up into a state of hysteria and shoots Simon, wounding him in the knee. A few minutes later Kay is found shot in her stateroom. By the time the boat reaches its destination, Canon Pennefather has laid bare an audacious conspiracy and has made sure the criminals shall not go free.

Cast requirements for Murder on the Nile are as follows:
  • 1st Bead Seller – Local hawker of trinkets, beads and imitation scarabs (Male) – Cameo
  • 2nd Bead Seller – Local hawker of trinkets, beads and imitation scarabs (Female) – Cameo
  • Steward – Head of the serving staff aboard the paddle steamer (Male) – Featured
  • Miss Ffoliot-Ffoulkes (55-75) – Snobbish member of the British aristocracy – or is she? (Female) – Principal
  • Christina Grant (18-25) – Miss Ffoliot-Ffoulkes’ niece and traveling companion. Not quite as naïve as she appears (Female) – Principal
  • Smith (25-30) – A young man traveling in disguise. Disillusioned with life, he is not who he pretends to be. (Male) – Principal
  • Louise (25-30) – Kay’s “devoted” French maid. (Female) – Principal
  • Dr. Bessner (50-60) – Of German, Austrian or perhaps Swiss ancestry, with a marked foreign accent. (Male) – Principal
  • Kay Ridgeway Mostyn (20-25) – Beautiful and wealthy debutante recently married to, and on her honeymoon with, Simon Mostyn. (Female) – Principal
  • Simon Mostyn (25-30) – A good tempered, though relatively poor, young man recently married to the wealthy Kay Ridgeway. (Male) – Principal
  • Canon Pennefather (55-65) An imposing middle-aged cleric. Kay’s guardian. (Male) – Principal
  • Jacqueline De Severac (20-25) Simon’s former lover and Kay’s former best friend. She has stalked Kay and Simon throughout their honeymoon. (Female) – Principal
  • Mc Naught – A ship’s officer aboard the paddle steamer. (Male) – Cameo 
“This is going to be an exciting season for the Gill St. Bernard’s Players and for the performing arts at GSB,” said Paul Canada, chair of the performing arts program.

Please see KnightSite for additional audition information.
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