April 24, 2020

Dear Parents,
While much has changed over the past two months, there are still some things which remain a constant at Gill St. Bernard's. One of them is outstanding teachers. It is with this in mind that I ask that you consider submitting a nomination for the St. Bernard's Chair of Excellence in Teaching award. More than twenty-five years ago, a group of St. Bernard's School alumni endowed this annual award to formally acknowledge the powerful impact that a teacher has on his/her students. Furthermore, the SBS alums saw this as a way to thank their teachers of many years ago by honoring the present teachers at GSB.
The very first GSB Chair of Excellence in Teaching was given at Commencement in 1992 to Middle School teacher Jean Loizeaux. Last June, Janet MacDonald, a Lower School teacher, was the recipient. While the award honors a specific teacher each year, it is hoped that it is the wonderful job done by all teachers that is being recognized. A faculty member may only receive this once and must be a full-time teacher.
To make this meaningful to our current students and the school community, the founders of the award asked that the whole school participate in the nomination process. Therefore, faculty, students, parents, teachers, staff, and alumni are invited to nominate a current Upper, Middle, or Lower School teacher for the 2020 award.
To nominate a teacher, please write to me at either headmasteroffice@gsbschool.org or Gill St. Bernard’s School, P.O. Box 604, Gladstone, N.J. 07934. Be sure to include a brief statement describing how you think this teacher meets the following criteria:
  • Leadership:  Demonstrates leadership in the community and working with students.
  • Creativity:  Exhibits imagination in his/her approach to the needs of each student.
  • Enthusiasm:  Inspires and enjoys working with students.
  • Sensitivity:  Recognizes in others the need for support and encouragement and provides it.
  • Professionalism:  Appropriately engages students with concern for their academic progress and the development of their independence, self-confidence, and maturation.
  • Role Model:  Is so considered a role model by thoughtful students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Professionalism:  Interacts with students in appropriate ways displaying concern for their  academic progress, self-confidence, and maturation.
All nominations for this award are due by May 15, 2020, and the recipient will be announced during when we commemorate Commencement for the Class of 2020.
Thank you for helping us to honor and celebrate outstanding teachers at Gill St. Bernard’s School.
S. A. Rowell
Head of School
Gill St. Bernard’s is a private, coeducational day school for students age three through grade 12, located in suburban New Jersey. Each of the three school divisions provides a rigorous, meaningful, and age-appropriate curriculum, and all students benefit from the environmental learning opportunities that exist on our 208-acre campus.