Dr. Freeman '95 Teaches Series of Sessions on Veterinary Medicine

From witnessing an ultrasound on an expecting goat, to observing steps for delivery of a lamb, from conducting equine physical examinations, to leg bandaging of large animals, students in John Taeschler's Upper School science class are experiencing what it is like to be a veterinarian. GSB alumna Dr. Andrea Freeman '95 is on campus conducting ten class sessions from January through April, using informative lectures, PowerPoint and video presentations and, to the rapt attention of all, real-life demonstrations on animals in both the classroom and on the grounds of Home Winds Farm.
Dr. Freeman is receiving "high marks" in these classes, as students can be heard saying, "This is awesome," "I can't believe I am seeing this," and "Wow! Who knew this could be so cool?" It is no wonder the students are enjoying her presentations; Dr. Freeman's passion for animals and science is contagious. Thank you, Dr. Freeman, for sharing your time and talents with our students!
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