GSB Alum Helps Make Wishes Come True

GSB alumna Alexis "Lexi" Meola '19 became involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation because of her mother and grandmother. Her mom had lupus as a child and knew some people who had wishes granted. Later, one of her mom's close friends had a child born with Chiari malformation, and her wish was granted. Lexi said, "I wanted to do some form of community service at Gill, and my grandmother suggested Make-A-Wish. I decided to do that because I felt it was a cause that everyone would feel inclined to help support. I was really glad Mr. Wendell suggested starting a club at Gill during my junior year."

For two years she organized all types of bake sales through Lexi's Bakery. "By baking and selling brownies, cookies, cakes, etc., the club raised funds, and once we reached our $4,500 goal, we could officially grant a wish," Lexi noted. "The wish we were able to grant was for this beautiful five-year-old girl. She wanted to remake her room into a ballet studio, and we were so happy to be able to do that."

Thank you, Lexi. We are proud of the difference you made while at Gill and that you continue to help others.
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