Students Visit Summit Medical Group

Twenty Upper School students enjoyed a field trip to Summit Medical Group in Berkeley Heights on Thursday, January 16. Deemed “Healthcare Professional Day,” the students were introduced to multiple experts in various medical fields, learned invaluable insight on the steps that can be taken to pursue a career in medicine, and how each medical professional ended up in their respective roles. The students heard stories about the ER from a surgeon, learned about the importance of nursing and what exactly a Physician’s Assistant is, along with information on orthopedics and cardiology.
The day included listening to these professionals speak about their expertise, and it also provided wonderful hands-on experiences for the students. Each student practiced suturing (stitching) a banana, learned how to properly inject medicine from syringe by using an orange as a “patient”, and closely viewed a dissected cow heart to see all of the different valves and components of this organ.
The students left the medical facility with a sense of excitement from what they learned and the many different options available  in the medical field. As Dr. Matthew Garberina put it, “The next generation of young adults will be tomorrow’s doctors, and the world will always need doctors, so why can it not be you?”

Gill St. Bernard’s School would like to thank the Gnoy family for making this special trip a possibility for our students. We would also like to thank Dr. John Cunningham, Juliana Fanning, Abby Saunders, PA, Dr. Matthew Garberina, and Dr. William Tansey for taking the time to provide invaluable information on their professions!
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