Academic League Season Recap

The Academic League team successfully competed again this year in the Somerset County Academic League, which consists of nine other public and independent schools.
The season begins in late November and ends in early February. Every week there is a contest which involves a head-to-head competition with another school to see which team can answer the most questions from thirty different categories that include math, chemistry, literature, sports and current events.
Each competition features a first half which includes 14 rounds of questions, one for each team in each round. If the team who receives the question first does not answer it correctly for 10 points, the other team can try to steal (answer it) it for 5 points. Four students play at a time, but at "half time" one or more students can be substituted. The format of the second half is the same, with 16 rounds of questions.
This year's squad included 11 students, eight of them seniors. Among the seniors were six veterans: Emma Koslow, Alyssa Jurewicz, Kiera Murphy, Miles Griffin, William Henderlong and John Jean, joined by newcomers Christopher Varghese and Christopher Kruger. There were also three juniors who were new to the club this year: Evan Varma, Anoushka Thakur, and Nina Fracalossi. 
Great job on a solid season, everyone!
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