Coach Sina Reaches 300th Win

Head boys’ basketball coach Mergin Sina won his 300th game with Gill on December 20 when the Knights defeated Franklin High School 75-45.
Earning 300 wins as a high school basketball coach is an impressive achievement, but to do it at one school is an even rarer accomplishment.
“I think it just means that I have been here for a long time,” joked Sina. “I kind have lost track how many years I have been coaching here. I honestly just have fun doing it, so to earn this milestone along the way makes it extra special.”
Since taking over the program 14 years ago, Sina has enjoyed a remarkable amount of success on the basketball court. He has helped lead the Knights to the past seven conference titles and six out of the last eight Somerset County championships as well. This year, Gill is 7-0 and currently ranked third in the state.
While the Knights have won their seven games by an amazing average of 29 points per game, their toughest tasks are yet to come as they will soon take on highly-ranked Montclair Immaculate and Bergen Catholic.
“We have been really good on the offensive end,” said Sina. “On paper we have been doing really well but there is honestly a lot that the team can do better and we will continue to try and improve upon.”
It is that constant drive to better the team each day and to never rest on past accomplishments that that has helped Sina to 300 wins, and counting.
“There are two things that I have been really proud about doing since coming here,” said Sina. “I am proud of building up this program from the start and to establish a winning tradition at Gill. I think we do it differently here because we are bringing in great kids who are also high-level academically. We want our kids to come here and do well and then go on and succeed both on and off the court.”
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