December Voices: Middle School Music Teacher Amy Southerland

We round out December with reflections from our music teachers who brought us a busy and joyful month of concerts and recitals. Middle School music teacher Amy Southerland begins our December Voices blog by considering music as a team sport.
Yes, I’m a music teacher but consider this...
In any given sport, be it football or basketball or ________ (fill in the blank) each individual must have responsibility for his or her own role in the group. Each team member has a specific part to play for the team to function at its best. As each member strives to get better individually, the entire team benefits.
In any given sport, be it soccer or hockey or _______ (fill in the blank), everybody needs to be working towards a common goal.
In any given sport, be it volleyball or softball or ________ (fill in the blank), the teammates must be committed to being present for practices and games. Making this activity a priority is very important not only for the individual as they learn the life skill of time management, but also to the entire team because the team is counting on each member to be present to have the most effective practices and, therefore, perform to their best ability.
In any given sport, be it baseball or tennis or ________ (fill in the blank), you have to pay attention to detail. Important concepts, lingo and skills are required for each member to be the most effective as a team.
In any given sport, be it lacrosse or cross country or ________ (fill in the blank), each team member must be a healthy participant to make the group as strong as possible. Healthy eating, getting enough sleep, and exercise allow an individual team member to actively contribute to the team in a positive way.
Each of the attributes above can be directly applied to being a part of the collaborative arts, specifically to being a part of a choir. Now go back and fill in each blank above with the word “choir” and you will see the correlation between the collaborative arts and team sports. So, indeed, we do have much in common! Here’s to continuing to create excellence in both programs at GSB as 2019 begins.
Middle School music teacher Amy Southerland, December 2018
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