Sarah Schultz

“When I first visited GSB, I was immediately impressed by the community focus within the Lower School, but also through the outreach and service projects across all three divisions.”

Lower School, third grade teacher

B.A. in Elementary Education and Psychology, Simmons University
M.A. with a focus in Curriculum Development, Teachers College, Columbia University

Chester, New Jersey

Sarah grew up in a household with phenomenal educators, including her mom, who taught second grade in Chester for 33 years. Spending time in her mother’s classroom helped develop Sarah’s love for teaching. With her mom as her educational role model, she also learned the importance of communicating with parents and maintaining a healthy balance between work and family.

“Teaching is truly a 24-hour job. As a teacher you are always thinking about how to best meet the needs of your students, how to keep the day interesting, and how to get everything done. Whether it is answering emails after my little one goes to bed or the countless stories shared at the dinner table about what happened that day with my students, my commitment to this position never wavers.”

Sarah enjoys learning right alongside her pupils. Third graders are curious about the world around them, and this inspires her to dig deeper into topics to facilitate meaningful conversations. She finds inspiration in a quote by Benjamin Franklin: ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn.’ Her teaching philosophy is to make learning interactive, as children learn by using materials, artifacts, primary sources, and their voices. This student engagement makes her lessons more fun, and it helps learning about new topic, question, or discussion grow.

Community events are Sarah’s favorite school moments. Town Meetings, Field Day, Convocation, Stone Soup, concerts. “These traditions are a wonderful way to bring together spirit and tradition. It is incredible watching the joy on our students’ faces, as they feel so much love for our community. I also admire my colleagues at Gill – their commitment to our profession truly shines throughout our Lower School community.”