Monique Brown

“I believe in teaching the individual. Each child will have his or her own experiences and accomplishments, and I love being a part of that process.”

Middle School World Language Teacher

B.A. in Social Work, Siena College

Holds a NJ teaching certificate with Spanish Specialization

Bay Shore, New York

When Monique Brown first visited campus, she knew instantly that GSB was a warm and welcoming community. While teaching our middle schoolers, she finds it especially rewarding to share aspects of her heritage to help students understand the connection Americans have to Hispanic culture, traditions, and language.

Monique enjoys children, parenting, and her work. As the parent of three children who are in middle school, high school, and college, Monique understands the pathways and challenges that students and families move through as children progress to college. She savors the moments she can support our students during their educational journeys. What she wants all parents to know is this: “The best students are the well-rounded ones who can enjoy a little bit of everything and follow his or her passion with the love and support of parents.”  

As for world language skills, she cannot stress their importance enough. “I wish more parents and students valued second language acquisition and could appreciate that being bilingual can open many doors in the future.”