Lynn Prosen

“Elementary school lays the foundation for curiosity about the world. Children are curious beings. They are constantly asking questions about the natural world and trying to make sense of it. That is what science is about. Teaching science is guiding curiosity.”

Lower School Science Teacher


  • B.A. in Biology, College of St. Scholastica
  • B.S. in Broad Field Science Education, University of Wisconsin

  • M.Ed. in Technology and Instruction, Western Governors University

Executive Board member of New Jersey Science Teachers Association, Technology Director and President-Elect

Way back in sixth grade, Lynn first started thinking about teaching as a career.

“We were doing a worm dissection in science, and I was explaining all the parts to my lab partner. She said, ‘You should be a teacher.’ It stayed at the back of my mind until college.” As for Lynn’s current teaching philosophy, she believes: The one that does the work, does the learning.

Before joining GSB’s faculty, Lynn taught high school chemistry as well as earth, environmental, and forensic science. Serving as a part-time STEM Educator at Liberty Science Center helped her realize that elementary students are where it all begins. “We need to give children a good foundation in scientific ideas and scientific thinking to help guide students on their educational journey.” Excited to teach elementary level science, she craved an active school community and found GSB to be the perfect fit.

Lynn most enjoys sharing experiences with her students, such as making recycled paper, planting native flowers, sifting garden soil, incubating chicken eggs, measuring pond temperatures, or racing toy cars. “We explore food chemistry when making diet coke and mentos fountains to end our reactions and interactions unit. We take apart boxes and make paper during our paper engineering unit. We incubate eggs, raise caterpillars, harvest seeds, and visit the farm to examine life cycles. We visit Home Winds Farm to understand the importance of agriculture in our daily life.”

At GSB, Lynn loves exploring our beautiful campus and sharing its wonders with her inquisitive pupils. She loves the “Aha” moment, when something clicks and connects, like the thrill of a chemical reaction and the excitement of a bug, bird, or worm discovery. “Making nature connections help students feel more grounded and relaxed. We are part of nature, not removed from it.”