Frank Corrado

"GSB has such a sense of history, in part because of very impressive, longtime faculty members. I've learned so much about teaching children from my colleagues. Their longevity and commitment to education is inspiring."

GSB Math Student

Middle School Math Teacher

B.A. in Anthropology, Rutgers University
M.Ed. in Math, City College of New York

New York Teaching Certificate, Math Grades 5 - 9
New Jersey Teaching Certificate, Elementary School
2022 St. Bernard’s Chair of Excellence in Teaching

One Thing He Can't Live Without:
Pizza on Friday Night. (Oxygen is a Close #2.)

GSB Middle School

In Frank Corrado's middle school math classes, students are undeniably happy.

Frank mixes interactive math activities, a challenging environment, and a heavy dose of humor to encourage confidence and enthusiasm for a subject that some 6th, 7th, and 8th graders would rather avoid.

Students who begin the year intimidated by algebra or geometry admit that by the end of the year they are comfortable attempting new math skills, and most importantly, they look forward to learning. 

Prior to arriving at GSB, Frank taught at the Roberto Clemente Middle School in New York City as part of the NYC Teaching Fellows program. Outside of mathematics, Frank teaches a woodworking class and advises the yo-yo club.  

"If I could share one piece of advice with my middle school self, it would be to take more classes that broaden and speak to interests outside of the core academic classes.

Middle School is the opportunity to discover and learn, and you never know, you could end up trying something that becomes a lifelong passion."

Frank Corrado